in case you missed it – Liechtenstein vs. Spain

In case you missed it – Liechtenstein vs. Spain [2010-09-04].

Not a bad start way to start our defense of the Euro crown!  Spain beat Liechtenstein 4-0 in Vaduz, behind two goals from Fernando Torres and two goals from the Davids.

One. Let’s start with the important things first.  Piqué and Cesc both removed their shirts after the game.  Bonus Piqué here.

Two. And then going all the way back to the pregame, Xavi dancing warming up, and Iker acknowledges his Liechtensteiner fan club.

Three. You think Sara deliberately wore green to match Iker?  I wouldn’t put it past Telecinco to have ordered her to do so, just in order to create some morbo.  Anyway, we all know who Iker’s true love is; he’s with him in the picture below.

Four. And speaking of Telecinco, this is why I never watch the channel unless I’m forced to.  (Well, if you know me, you can spot not one but two reasons in the picture below).

On a different note, it’s great to see Fer so happy again!

Five. Two things we don’t see often: a tan Andresito (will his Crackòvia alter ego stop glowing then?) and a smiling David Villa.

Six. Villa has skills and el niño claps.  I’m still not used to seeing him with such dark hair.

Seven. And unamadridista favorite Fernando Morientes debuted as a commentator with Telecinco (he might be their only redeeming factor)!

Eight. In addition to the star above the escudo which we’re all familiar with, Spain also gets to wear a crest commemorating them as champions of Europe, which they debuted yesterday.  The crest appears on the right sleeve.


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  1. Aw, thank you. I love the shirtless boys.

  2. Thank u for the re-cap. I was hoping u’ll make this post because I DO MISSED IT! :( Feel so bad about this all day long.. Anyway, i’m glad to see Nando has back to his good form. And the Davids played well too.. btw when will the Argentina game held? I gotta prepare myself to not miss it (again). Thx..

  3. una, do you have a video of Moro? I heard from his now colleagues of other channels & papers that hes been really good. I really would like to see him, but the videos on tele5 dont work for me :(

  4. envy you so much for being able to watch the match :(
    (but am more thankful that you take the time to delight us with the recap! i sooo love your blog!!)

    oohlala pique’s glossy, sweaty back is such a tasty slab of ultimate macho….brrrr…

    2 nando goals…woohoo!! :)
    …and with that, i’m off to rebuilding the shrine i dedicated to his right leg lol

    seriously, i hope he gets back to that fighting form which never fails to put the fear of god in their opponents haha!!

  5. Wow , they are incredible! I’m happy that Torres made two goals!

  6. Iker didn’t even sweat in this game. And lololol at Sara matching Iker’s jersey color. Is Telecinco that much of a capitalist? Tsk tsk.

    Anyways, thank you for this post! Lovely game, and David Silva scored! YAY!

  7. the dancing was nothing compared llorente’s weird warm up. did you see it? it’s hard to explain but it involved a lot of…rubbing. he’s so crazy

  8. I am hypnotized by the dancing Xavi! Thank you.

    See, I told you, tan Iniesta is looking really good!

    I also noticed the “Victor Valdes” subtitle for Fernando. LOL.

    And I heard that FIFA has adjusted David Villa’s goal count down by one so he still needs two more to surpass Raul’s record. The HELL? Cue bitchface!

  9. Oh yeah, Telecinco was the channel I watched streaming. I was walking around with my laptop and almost dropped it when Nando scored the first time :P
    Sara, green leather jackets are never okay..never.. Maybe she was trying to mimic Sergio’s *ahem* “green attempts” to try and catch Iker’s attention.
    Liechtenstein were clearly outclassed, but to be honest, I would’ve killed myself if it was another 1-0 win.
    Shirtlessness? Always a delicious bonus :D Thanks Una!

  10. BEST MORNING POST!!! PIQUÉ and CESC TAN GLOSSY AND SHIRTLESS it was a gift finding ur blog! THANK YOU n news that NANDO and SILVA SCORED! YAYAY!!!!!!!! go torres :D

  11. I had to laugh at Xavi dancing comment :)

    Unamadridista, I really appreciate the effort you put into this blog and your humorous comments which make reading your posts even more enjoyable!


  12. Oh my GOD I’m grinning so hard right now and I totally just let out a silent squeal (not an easy feat, believe me)! Fernando Morientes <3333 Oh my god I love him. Okay I have to chill. /clears throat

    I agree, Xavi dancing is -so- captivating, and I like to think Dahveed & Fernando were both looking (and smiling/laughing) at him near the end of the gif. And awh, I'm so glad Fernando scored. So, so glad. :)

  13. What a great game it was. Spain were at their very best and Torres returned to goal scoring form! The only downside if there was one, is that Villa didn’t break Raul’s record. But hopefully it’ll come against Argentina on Tuesday.

  14. on no. 8. why do they wear that just now? I mean they are Euro-champs for 2 years already!

  15. It seemed so long ago that we saw them in the World Cup. I’m so glad to see La Roja again. Can’t wait for the next match!

  16. Xavi looking fit. Luv seeing them all with nice tans. El Niño sporting the dark hair nicely. Funny how the RFEF lists Villa with 44 goals now, but Fifa only 43. We will have to wait for the record to be broken. It is only time. Also Torres surpassed El Butre. The Marchena winning streak continues. Iker closing in on Zubi with appearances with La Roja. All good.

  17. Victor Valdés? Really? It’s not like Torres is some complete unknown who just got lucky with two goals…

    Tan Iniesta just looks strange. But knowing him, he’ll be back to his glowing whiteness very soon.

    Special thanks go out to Cesc and Piqué; Sergio, you’re on notice! Just because you’re all responsible and grown-up vice-captainy now does not mean you get to stay clothed post-match (Puyi manages to combine the best of both worlds, so start taking notes!).

  18. Don’t cameramen know that millions of adoring female fans (and possibly a few dudes) are gripping their chairs, waiting for these guys to doff their tops? Don’t they know they should show the entire torso, not just tease us with a tiny bit of Cesc chest? The director needs to make sure that the camera operators are well versed on proper shirt trade filming. It’s really quite simple – we all want to see a lot of skin.

  19. Dancing Xaviiiiii! Jajaja!

  20. haha i feel like villa and torres were LOL-ing at xavi’s dance.

    hey madridista, i have a question. why do xavi and iniesta trade numbers in the national team? xavi’s 6 and iniesta is 8 in barca, but its switched in the NT. do you know why? its been bugging me since la liga started!!

  21. i was looking around in the picture to see the two things you don’t like and my first thought was “YOU HATE COLA CAO?!” hahahah<3 then i saw it. ;)

    and iker's true love IS sergio. everyone knows it except for sara ;P


    Tienes capturas de sara carbonero, puedes ser capturador??


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