the morning paseo

(What’s with the identical pose?)

I love the fact that the players always have to take walks together, making them look even more like a school group on a class trip!  This morning, La Roja took a walk along the Ill River in Feldkirch, Austria, where they are staying.

The walk was 20 minutes long, and the players crossed a bridge twice and walked through a forest.  They also gained quite a following along the way, and signed a lot of shirts as well.  One of the people waiting outside their hotel was a man in his 60s, by the name of Tomás Peña Rivera, a barcelonés who had been living in Feldkirch for more than 40 years for love.  He said he was only one of three Spaniards in this town.


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  1. Am I the only one that thought of them taking a bath in that nice river?

    seriously, I have to set myself only two dates a day when I visit this blog, otherwise, you’d have to ban me from commenting every single entry! LOL

  2. A. it actually looks cold to me. A river with such color usually comes from a glacier. And thats pretty cold to bath in!!! ;)

    The boys of La Rojita had it much warmer and did have a bath indeed in Oliva…

  3. LOL, right about the cold, somehow I automatically thought that hotness of the players would make the river boiling, no? ;-)

    or if they are cold, they could hold their hands like on the clips from yesterdays trainings. I cannot get those images of them running around holding hands out of my head;-)

    ok, seriously, I have to go back to work and I am here again!

  4. same here. i can’t remember how many times i check this blog a day. muchas gracias, unamadridista. me gusta mucho tu blog :)

  5. Piqué and Iker are rehearsing their dance routine for the concentración talent show, obviously.

    This does actually look like a school trip of teenagers, right down to the scraggly line and the “buddy system” :-p

  6. In my mind, the conversion they’re having goes something like this:

    Casillas: No, she probably won’t be impressed by the story of the time you spit on the fan in the crowd. You have to be smooth, romantic, mature. Bring her flowers or something.

    Pique: Okay, smooth, romantic…. what was the third one again? Can I show her pictures of my amazing World Cup injuries, like that time I had to play with the bandages stuffed up my nose and in my mouth?

    Casillas: … Never mind

  7. Aww Poor Cesc… Pique has obviously found a new bestfriend. LOL

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