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I had linked to The Pepe Show post in a couple of the previous posts, so I went back to make sure the video was working.

And then I noticed something this time around that I hadn’t noticed before.  When Pepe is describing Carlos Marchena, number 4, you can see Cesc and Puyol mouthing the words along with Pepe in the background (the 1:56 mark).  And then for part of the rest of the speech, you see Cesc straining to look at something in front of Pepe.  Does this mean that Pepe was using a teleprompter or something similar?

I find it very curious…  here’s the video.


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  1. funny, I noticed cesc before, but I thought maybe he knew the words already….

    I seriously hope it was all so spontanius and Cesc and Pepe, in the first place would be too drunk or too hang-overed to be able to read something! I prefer to believe that it was all from memory not teleprompter and not rehearsed!!!;-))

    On the contrary, some things would not hurt if practiced. Somehow it is good to think that Sergio rehearses the shirt removals at home very often LOL!!!

  2. I think Pepe practiced it before or threw some ideas of what he’s going to say so some of the guys knew some of it? IDK.

  3. If you pause at 1:!3, there is some sort of screen in front of the group, which might be what Cesc and Puyol were reading from. But in any case, Pepe never seems to look down at it, so I think he’s doing it by memory.

  4. I’m pretty sure he practised his routine on the plane from South Africa so the other guys knew most of what he would say. It’s the same thing he did at the Euro 2008 celebrations, and there is video on Youtube of him doing that routine on the plane home. So, no teleprompter, just familiarity.

  5. I’m pretty sure a number of players got together in SA and practiced it out and thought of things to say, but needed help. Or maybe he was looking out for someone from the fans ;) Haha. Nah. Probably just trying to remember what he’s supposed to yell.

  6. If Pepe was reading, he is a hell of a reader. De Niro, step aside.

  7. the screen on the stage seemed obvious during navas’ turn but pepe was looking at the other way..i mean,the screen was located at the center of the stage while pepe was drunkly walking around throughout the show..he did mention that he had a headache as well,so i personally think he didn’t manage any reading..imo,they might be held a brainstorming session during the airplane home or in the hotel,so they already knew what he’s going to say..anyway if the teleprompter was real,it seems that cesc is massive secret breaker lol..what a cutie.. :D

  8. I’ve also seen the video after the Euro 2008 when he was practice on the plane back home, so I think it’s the same this time. They know what he would say, either because they heard it before or because it was on a screen in front of them.

  9. YouNeverWalkAlone

    SInce its almost exactly what he said after Euro 2008, I think they all just knew the words…although idk, maybe there is one but he’s not really reading it…i would be too hung over…haha

  10. I think it is more likely Pepe practiced it on the plane and all the players knew what is was going to say.

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