twitter is the place to be

If the sick bay is the place (unfortunately) for Real Madrid’s players to be right now, then twitter is it for those of La Roja!

Yesterday, the trilingual Cesc Fàbregas joined the likes of Puyol, Iniesta, Mata, Arbeloa and Sergio Ramos with his own twitter account!  He hasn’t tweeted much yet, just thanking all those following him, and saying that he’d try and keep us updated.

You’ll notice that I didn’t include Xabi Alonso on the list of La Roja players with twitter account above, because up to yesterday, he had only tweeted once.  But we finally got some action yesterday, with a retweet.  He asked, “is it the original Trufas (truffles) Arbeloa?” in both English and Spanish!  What?  No Basque?

Which brings us on to Álvaro Arbeloa, who was quite busy yesterday on twitter.

There was of course the trufas issue.  Álvaro was asked why he was appraising the trophy, and he said it was to make sure that it was the real one.  And then when asked why he is called “trufas,” he said it was a long story (we don’t care Álvaro, we want to know!!!), and then later said that Xabi is the real one!

And then there was the Coca Cola.  If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that Álvaro had promised that he would stop drinking Coca Cola for a year if Spain won the World Cup.  And later on, he said that if Xabi started tweeting, he would add one more year to that!  Well, Xabi is on twitter now, and tweeting, so Álvaro had this to say: “two years without Cola Cola could be very hard…”

And if all that wasn’t amusing enough, he also revealed that he loves Julia Roberts and the movie Pretty Woman!  This was in response to a tweet by former Liverpool teammate Ryan Babel that he was watching that movie.  This in turn prompted Liverpool’s fisio Chris Morgan to ask Álvaro if Pepe had made him watch Dexter yet.  And then came the best tweet: Álvaro said yes, that he’s seen the first two seasons, and that Dexter looks like Xabi!

He also found the time to say one more thing to Ryan Babel before signing off: he sent him regards from himself, Xabi, Pepe and Fernando Torres, aka the former/current Liverpool players!  Adorable!

All this makes me love the team so much more!


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  1. Oh, goodness, Álvaro just keeps getting better and better… and he gets my sympathy on the Coke thing. One year would be horrible, but two, that’s just torture!

    I’m actually most surprised by the lack of a Twitter account by Piqué. You’d think he’d be all over it, since it’s the perfect medium for his hyperactivity/being “insoportable” to Cesc.

    And how awesome would it be if Xabi were to tweet in Basque?! I already find it kind of awesome (and, uh, hot) when Puyi displays his multilingual skillz. The addition of an ergative language would probably kill me. :-p

    • The addition of an ergative language would probably kill me
      This this this so much. I’m told that back in the day Puyi insisted on giving all his interviews in Catalan. It must be quite a concession for him to tweet in castellano for his fans.

      • Mmm… linguistics, football, and nationalism! Hot! :-p

        I’m kind of sort of trying to learn Catalán at the moment, so I greatly appreciate the large number of football interviews and/or Crackovia skits, but I find Puyi *really* hard to understand sometimes. Bojan and Piqué are much better.

        If Xabi gives any interviews in Basque, that might have to be next on the list.

    • Omfg have you seen this Scroll down for Bojan’s.

      How are you learning Catalan? With materials targeted at Spanish-speakers? I’d love to attempt it but my Spanish is bad enough that I have to concentrate really hard just to understand them. Today after the Liechtenstein game when Sara interviewed Fernando I wanted to tell him to slow down. Why does the boy swallow his words like that? He’s a madrileño so it’s only to be expected but lord, he’s even worse than Iker. Then she interviewed David Villa and he was much better.

      Not gonna life, my life would pretty much be made if Xabi ever tweeted in Euskera. Also, now that Piqué’s book has been translated into Spanish I might have to buy it haha? Oh man I can’t believe I’m considering buying an athlete’s autobiography …

  2. I read the tweets yesterday. So fun! Ahhh Alvaro! LOL. Poor him. now 2 years without coca cola. Maybe he switches to Pepsi? :P

    Xabi just tweeted:
    Just finished Dexter 4, shocked with the end!!

    I dont know Dexter. What happens @the end of the 4th season?

  3. When I saw Xabi’s tweet I almost fainted because he’s my favorite in the world jajaja! I wish he would tweet more often. I mean Arbeloa tweets pretty much everyday! He should get on it! And I really love how they talk to each other through Twitter. It’s absolutely adorable! :DDD

    PS. I really appreciate you linking us up to what some of the Tweets mean. I didn’t get the truffles thing until I checked this site and clicked on your link. Thank you! :D

  4. So I immediately went to follow Cesc and see he is following Iker – i know it is fake but does
    Or does he know something we don’t?

  5. @Jenniffer: hilarious image is now in my head of Pique tweeting. I am not sure that Twitter and the world are ready for Pique tweeting, but all I know is that it would be the epicness of epic. If not, I’d be seriously diossapointed.

    I hope he’s not too angry at Cescy=Sexy for the Arsenal stuff, so he would soon be talked by him into twitter.

    If that happens, I am repeating what Alvaro does and go one year without cola.

    if Iker gets an account I’d add the second year.

    and I would have never thought that Alvaro is so funny, he’s the biggest nice surprise of twitter, I think.

    • I have a feeling that Piqué on Twitter would put Arbeloa to shame. Like, Arbeloa is supposedly the empanao of the team – Piqué is just… a constant ball of energy. I dunno if Twitter could handle it!

  6. Alvaro alone makes being on twitter totally worth it! I am more of a la roja fan than a madridista, but he is still totally adorable! I totally got a twitter account so I could follow my fave jugadores.This is coming from a die-hard, doom-saying hater of twitter. But I figure I have balance because I follow Stephen Colbert.

  7. By twitter I learnt how great Alvaro is as a person! =) Really, I see him from a whole different light now!

  8. Does Xabi speak Basque for sure? I know he’s from Basque, but I know people from the various provinces speak their provincial languages at varying levels of proficiency.

  9. why do they call him Trufas?

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