today’s (morning) twitter update

… because I’m sure the afternoon will bring us more twitter gems from our boys.

Things we learned today:

One. That Álvaro Arbeloa welcomed Cesc to the world of twitter, that he calls him Cescky (Sexy?) and that he’s grateful that he didn’t make any bets this time (he had promised to go one year without drinking Coke if Xabi Alonso got on twitter, and now he has to do that!).  Cesc thanked him in return, and said, “let’s see what I got myself into.”  I like the sound of that!

Two. This led to Arbeloa saying, “talking via twitter with people who are three rows behind you is a bit strange!!”  Jajaja!!  I can imagine them sitting in a room, waiting for the míster to begin the charla, and fiddling with their mobile phones, sending out tweets to each other instead of verbally communicating.  And every once in a while, one of them will start laughing, and there will be one other person in the room who knows exactly why.  Now that Cesc is on twitter, who expects to see Piqué follow, just so he isn’t left out when Puyol and Cesc are tweeting at the same time?  I can then totally see Geri challenging Cesc to a twitter faceoff, whatever that may be.

This in turn prompted a response from Getafe (and former Real Madrid) goalkeeper Jordi Codina, who is also very active on twitter.  He tweeted, “and what about the good time you have?  And how about when someone falls asleep and you take their picture??”  Jordi of course, did that to club teammate Dani Parejo (who is on U-21 duty right now) during their last road trip.

Three. The season four finale of Dexter shocked Xabi.  You’re not the only one, Xabi.  I love Dexter, but I can’t believe they did that.  I also like how Xabi tweets in both Spanish and English!

Four. Meanwhile, Carles Puyol reassures us that he’s recovering, and is better every day.  He hopes to be at 100% soon.  We hope so too!

Five. And Juan Mata tweets from Alcoy that Spain is facing a must-win situation tonight against the Netherlands at 20:45h!  He also asks for support here.  Let’s go La Rojita!


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  1. God I’m loving this so much. Hope more players join twitter!

  2. haha yeah … I can imagine them sitting in the bus tweeting… that statement of Alvaro tweeting someone 3 rows behind him. He got a reply from Santiago Segurola: No es tan raro. En mi casa han encontrado que es la mejor manera de comunicarse conmigo sin dirigirme la palaba.. Haha :D

  3. Im loving all the twitter love! Their tweets make my day ;) now some OTHER player need to become more active in updating his followers….ehem Sergio….also Una if you’re on twitter I’d love to follow you too if you dont mind :)

  4. I love that Xabi tweets in both Spanish and English — but I super-extra-love that Cesc tweets TRIFOLD, in English, Spanish, and Catalan! Language nerd love! <3

  5. Hahaha God I love those guys! I’m sure we have Alvaro to thank for all this twitter action! Where would we all be without him! Yes please let Pique join!! The three way tweets between him “Cescky” (lol!) and Puyi would be SO entertaining!!
    Speaking of Dexter, Alvaro once tweeted that he looks like Xabi hahaha XD

    • Oh *facepalm* I just read the other post where Una mentions the “looks like Xabi” tweet.. So much for being on top of everything in the internet world hehe :/

  6. Hi..Did you ever seen this tweet before? Sergio deleted it quickly.
    “50Mb y la pantalla de 22” ..What do you think of this,did he buy something new?

  7. I do not care about how often Sergio tweets as long as he would attach the photo of himself taken in random circumstances to each tweet. LOL

  8. ohmygeeeee! CESC on TWITTER??! I think I just died!

    All i need now is Villa on twitter and my life would be complete. I hope someone from the team would convince him to join. :)

  9. if i’m not mistaken,alvaro also made promise that he wouldn’t drink coke for a whole year if spain wins world cup..he did that again?i mean,is he going to go by two years without coke?lol..this guy is plain hilar haha.. :D

  10. LOVE THESE BOYS SO MUCH. Haha, I like how Xabi is such a ~fangirl~ over Dexter. AND CESCCCCCCCCC :) I think it’s funny how Arbeloa is basically getting everyone to get twitter. LOVE YOU ARBELOA haha. Sergio Ramos needs to tweet more!! I cannot be “patience” with him any longer!

  11. I know you are totes going to update, but gosh, Alvaro is so adorable on his twitter, ha! You get on the 4 mosqueteros twitter love-fest! <33

    Le acabaremos engañando,no preocuparse ;-) RT@jorfalco: @aarbeloa17 cuando albiol habre su twitter? Es el q falta de los 4 mosqueteros!"
    8 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    And I know people have been buzzing about Xabi and Cesc joining twitter, but Alvaro, way to kick us while we're high~

    No chance.. RT @ScottDraper87: @aarbeloa17 Try & talk Torres or Pepe into getting Twitter!

  12. Oh, the afternoon has DEFINITELY brought more Twitter gems. Mainly from Álvaro, but still.

    – He says there’s “no chance” of getting Pepe and Torres to open accounts. Then when someone asks when Albiol is going open a Twitter, since he’s the only one of the 4 musketeers not tweeting, Arbeloa says “we’ll trick him into it, don’t worry!”

    This just increases my love for these boys like, exponentially.

  13. yeah Una are you on twitter or facebook?

  14. Your translations are awesome! Google Translate just doesn’t pick up the nuances, does it? :)

    And now I need to add Dexter to my Netflix queue so I can see what is so shocking…

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