the news from Madrid

The latest from La Roja!

One. Carles Puyol’s left calf has been checked out by doctors in Barcelona, who didn’t specify how long the player would be out, but it should be around three weeks.

Two. Fernando Torres trained with the rest of the team in the afternoon session yesterday, after spending the morning session in the gym.  He scored a beautiful goal which was applauded by his teammates.  Meanwhile, Andrés Iniesta had a scare, when a tackle by Álvaro Arbeloa left him fearing for his ankle.  After being attended to by doctors, he was able to complete the session.  We also got to see Nacho Monreal, who was called up as a substitute for Puyol, train for the first time.

(Judging by these pictures though, I don’t know if you can call what they do out there “training.”)

Three. Twelve of the players – Iker, Villa, Xavi, Pepe, Torres, Xabi, Cesc, Llorente, Capdevila, Iniesta, Sergio & Cazorla – plus Vicente del Bosque filmed a PSA for the United Nations, at the request of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.  Their image will be used in the fight against poverty and the fight for gender equality.  Ban had written a letter to the Spanish government asking for the world champions to film a spot, which will be released in mid-September around the time when the UN General Assembly meets.  I love how charitable our players are!  And you think that if I write a letter to the Spanish government, I would be able to borrow half the team for a couple of hours?  Hot tub, here I come!

Four. U-21 team news: the team, like its big brother, are making people crazy wherever they go.  The latest place to go crazy is Alcoy, where La Rojita will face the Netherlands today.  Let’s hope Spain beats the Netherlands again!

Five. Looking ahead to today, the (senior) players will travel to Vaduz via Zurich at 09h to start preparing for their qualifier in Liechtenstein.


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  1. Hey I tried looking up times for the U21 match but couldn’t find any. Does that mean they aren’t being broadcast?

  2. Hey I don’t know if you have seen it but Cesc Fabregas is on twitter! His sister confirmed it!!!!!!

  3. “Let’s hope Spain beats the Netherlands again!” Yes please.
    This is a matter of utmost importance!

  4. ‘I don’t know if you can call what they do out there “training.” ‘ No, it rather looks like… recess at a preschool? Maybe? Or a summer camp of some sort? Whatever it is, the main event appears to be “piggyback tag.” (And absolutely adorable, of course.)

    Perhaps, if we all put our heads together, we could come up with a convincing charitable purpose which would require La Roja to have a hot tub session with the lovely readers of this blog? Fan morale, maybe?

    • Piggyback tag LMAO I wanna play!!! These are the best training pictures ever haha ;) ok the pic of villa and capdevila… thats how injuries happen people!!! still funny nonetheless lol and for the “piggyback tag” pic maybe its some sort of weight training exercise….the team that lifts together, stays together…aaaah to be able to train with la roja just once! It would be crazy!!! oh and the PSA being filmed wouldnt happen to be in english would it?…because i would love to hear some more of Sexio’s english voice, not that his Spanish doesnt hypnotize me enough ;)

    • I love it! I love that they play around. They look like they’re playing “chicken” fighting in that picture. The goal is the people on the backs to knock the others off on other people’s backs. Last team standing wins! I’m glad that Iniesta is ok. Hope Puyi gets better soon! Can’t wait to see the UN ads when they come out.

      • Haha can they really afford to be playing chicken, then? We can’t handle any more self-inflicted injuries… ahem, Llorente and Arbeloa!

  5. I love watching the Spanish team horse around. They’re adorable. And now I really want to watch the Torres goal. Any idea where I can find it?

  6. First pic: Everybody loves Kung Fu fighting!

    Second pic: I’m trying to figure out who is carrying who. Llorente has Pepe Reina (probably the only one big enough to carry him!), Pique has what I assume to be Cesc? And who is that carrying Iniesta?

  7. They are just a bunch of little boys playing chicken with each other on a summer day. It’s so sweet and cute. Irresistable.

  8. is it joan facing villa on a kung fu match on the first pic?
    Aww, I want a piggyback ride from pepe!
    La roja boys is always entertaining to watch on and off the pitch, gotta love em’ all :)

  9. who´s on pique? busquets? ooh, they look sooooooooo cute in these pictures! and i love that cesc have twitter!
    i hope pique and torres create an account soon! =)
    thanks for this news, love your blog!

  10. is sergio on nando’s back???

  11. Ummmm.. Also, if you don’t mind, where can I find all these photos of them training together?

  12. I just saw another picture with Pepe, Valdez/Cesc, Villa and some others playing chicken. Looked like Pepe was about to knock Villa off.

    I love that “El Mister”, VDB, allows the boys to be boys and have a good time. And that they get along. I don’t see this with the other national teams. I really hope there is Los Secretos 2 – World Cup edition.

    Also, congrats to Javi and Juanin and the rest of the La Rojita!

    Let’s hope La Roja defends their championship. And without Puyi and Iniesta :(. Of course I’m hoping Villa scores his 44th goal!

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