Fernando Llorente on El Hormiguero

Ok, here by popular demand is a quick summary of Fernando Llorente’s appearance on Cuatro’s El Hormiguero a couple of nights ago, where he did a lot of fun things.  It’s worth watching if you’re even mildly interested in Llorente, because he seems like such a fun guy, and of course has those great eyes and a great smile!  And because they show the moment during the Portugal game where his shirt was torn and he had to change about five times, and in slow motion!

Among the fun things he did were:

– play the clarinet, which he started learning as a kid.  The first several attempts were failures, and then when Fernando finally managed to make some sound come out, his scale was a little out of tune (but he looked adorable doing so).  Fernando also took five years of voice lessons, which he stopped when he went to Bilbao for Athletic.  I was disappointed that they didn’t make him sing, but then later on, he did, during the cooking segment!

– play around inside a giant, inflated ball.  Fernando even did a somersault!  “Athletic” indeed!

– decide whether making a good goal or sex was better.  Fernando’s brilliant answer?  “The important thing is to score.”  Jajaja!!!

– reiterate his promise to go skydiving.  Fernando says he intends on keeping his word, and that when he has time he’ll do it – probably next summer!  Fer, don’t forget to take Javi with you, and make sure he keeps his promise about doing it naked (we’ll give him the parachute though)!

Lots more fun with Fernando if you keep reading!

– make fried oreo buñelos (fritters), ending up with chocolate on his nose and fingers (which lead to dirty thoughts, no?)  At one point, he almost burns himself!  And they end with a song and a dance!  Check out Fer dancing and licking his fingers at the same time!

– try to guess the footballer by his baby picture.  Fernando didn’t get David Beckham until Rebecca Loos was mentioned (then he was like Beckham, Beckham!), didn’t get Guti until his current team was mentioned, and didn’t get Cristiano Ronaldo at all, despite three clues being given out.  For the record, I got all three just by looking at the pictures (no surprise, since I am una madridista!)

– talk about Spain winning the World Cup.  On the queen’s visit to the locker room: they are all so accustomed to seeing each other without clothes (!!!!) that they didn’t think anything about Puyol being half naked.  And that usually girls don’t visit the locker room (he hesitated before saying no).

Go here, here, here and here to watch Fernando!  The first two segments are the interview, the third is the inflated ball and cooking, and the fourth the rest of the cooking!


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  1. “they are all so accustomed to seeing each other without clothes (!!!!)”

    Well, I am clearly not going to get any work done today, now I have THIS running through my head!

  2. i saw it!! He was so lovely!!

  3. btw. hes allowed to go skydiving? I thought the professional footballers have a clausula in their contracts not to do any dangerous activities. At least I know RM players have, not sure about the other clubs, but I can imagine.

  4. The gifs are sooooo LOL-worthy. Right click+save as ; )

  5. i’m not a huge fan of him,but i’m starting to love him now..he’s sooo adorable esp with the chocolate smear hummmmm…okay,i’ve to stop now(dirty thoughts begin to crawl my mind lol).. ;)

  6. Thank you for the walkthrough! Stumbled upon these vids a few days ago but couldn’t understand what anyone was saying (though I was still laughing an gazing dreamily into my computer screen)

  7. I was hoping you’d write about this. It’s definitely the most awesome thing I’ve seen in quite a while, and I can’t get enough of it. I wish everyone would watch this and embrace the awesomeness that is Fernando Llorente. XD

  8. He is so precious
    He looks like the kind of guy that likes to have fun
    and he is so natural which is something I absolutely love
    Please stay that way fernando :)

  9. el hormiguero is like my favorite show! i love that llorente was on it.

  10. wasn’t a huge fan either but because of this post i can say i’m a happy convert

  11. Have been lurking around for quite some time now but now I just had to comment.
    Thanks so much for brining up the important facts. I was watching it two days ago and didn’t understand anything (I’m about to learn spanish) and was hoping that someone would translate. And you did.

    Though I didn’t understand anything I already became the good feeling he’s such a nice guy. Even more than I thought before ( if that’s even possible^^).

    I really love your site. I check right after checking emails. Kind of addicted. *lol*

  12. “And that usually girls don’t visit the locker room (he hesitated before saying no).”

    Naughty. But I totally understand, i would totally crash into their locker room if I was ever watching them live at any game.

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