get well soon Puyi!

The big news of course from yesterday’s training session was that Carles Puyol had to abandon the training camp five minutes into the session due to the injury sustained to his left calf.  He and Dr. Celada went to the Clínica CEMTRO for further tests, and Nacho Monreal was called up to replace Puyi.  Xavi, the other player that came into the concentración with discomfort, trained normally with the team.  The bad news needs a dose of good to counteract it, so that’s why I’ve put in that picture of classy Xabi (even his hair looks super classy, in that old Hollywood movie star way), with the added bonus of a slightly blurry Iker Casillas.

The players also found the time to say “happy birthday” to Pepe Reina, who celebrated his 28th birthday yesterday.  ¡Felicidades Pepe!

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  1. I’m soo worried about Puyi:( I hope everything gonna be fine.

  2. Hi ! I always read your blog, your blog is awesome ! Thank you :D
    can i ask you something ? i want get some good quality football images
    please, tell me your image source.. Help me !

  3. this is torture!!!! get well soon :(

  4. yeah, really hope he’ll get well soon. the season has just started. so pleaseee… have some rest, dont injured yourself any worse.
    i heard he’ll be off for 3weeks :(

  5. Defender injuries everywhere! Ugh. Poor Puyi. :-( I hope he recovers fast.

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