seriously, why doesn’t La Roja do these things?

First, the hot tub and now the beach.  Well, it could be because there’s no beach in Madrid, but still.

The boys of the U-21 team took a walk on the beach today, and looked pretty adorable while doing so.

Here’s Juan Mata and Javi Martínez during that paseo (there’s a Cristiano Ronaldo imitator in the back of the Juanín picture).  And the RFEF even provided a video of Bojan talking while strolling on the beach.  I could totally see the RFEF trying to do that with say… David Villa, and being totally shot down.  Maybe that’s why we can only turn to La Rojita for all this type of fun stuff.


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  1. They did walk at the beach in south africa,no? Btw, i heard that VdB has cancelled the call up for Fernando Torres (Liechtenstein and Argentina games), is that true?

  2. Because they don’t love us :-(

    Or possibly because they’ve learned how to say no to the press, and mean it. But still. I want hot tub photos, boys!

  3. YouNeverWalkAlone

    Who is the blond boy on the far right of the picture?

  4. wow cant believe you can be that detailed..i mean,i dont even notice that crissy’s imitator till i read about it LOL..::thumbs up:: :D

  5. I absolutely love the fact that there is a video of 20 year old Bojan !!
    and I can’t believe he is 20 now !!
    I hope the guys enjoyed themselves :)
    It looks like they had a great time lol

  6. LOL at the CR imitator at the first picture
    thumbs up for another of your fabs discovery
    * I honestly can’t get over how sharp your observation skill is, I think I adore and envy you for that!*

  7. THIAGO, I SEE YOU!!!!!!!! Best of luck to our BBs!!!
    Special love goes to Javi and Juan for their dedication!

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