one big family, again

The boys are together again, just like Captain Iker and his inseparable purse!  And don’t even get me started on the shirt, since I’m already imagining what horrors are wrapped around Iker’s body from the waist-down, based solely on the sliver of jeans that I can see in the picture below.

Anyway, the players called up for the Liechtenstein and Argentina games arrived at Las Rozas early this afternoon.  Players from Villarreal were both the first and last to arrive – Capdevila and Marchena were earliest at 11:30h, while Santi Cazorla arrived last, right before the 13h deadline.  The team will have a training session this evening, a double session tomorrow and then it will be off to Vaduz on Thursday!  (They’ll be staying at the Hotel Melía Barajas on Wednesday night, if anyone is interested in stalking).  We can expect to hear from Álvaro Arbeloa on how things progress!

Xavi and Puyol will be checked out by doctors today after ending their game against Racing with discomfort in their left Achilles tendon and left calf, respectively.  They’ll be in the capable hands of Raúl Martínez after that!

I’ll try and update this post later when the videos come out, but in the meantime, bonus picture of Sergio Ramos if you keep reading…


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  1. I mean I was planning on reading the rest of this post anyway but with a bonus like that how could I NOT?! ;) more bonuses please!

  2. Excited and not excited at the same time! Excited to see all the boys together and not excited that so many Real Madrid players are there considering the surcumstances we’re in right now! Will be praying that all the guys come back injury free!

  3. I didn’t’ know about Liechtenstein match !
    Xavi & Puyol I hope they’re alright .. shukran unamadridista =)

  4. “bonus picture of Sergio Ramos if you keep reading…”

    Those are the magic words, aren’t they? :-p

    And Iker… oh, Iker. Please give Sara back her purse (I can’t even justifiably call that a murse, sorry!), and get some jeans that don’t have holes in them (Sergio will take you shopping).

    On the upside, I’m very much looking forward to having a Twitter mole inside the concentración. This should be great!

  5. I love Iker, but with all the money he’s earning, he really should hire a personal shopper. That shirt!

  6. Wow/lol at the Sergio photo. If any of you ever see a similar picture of him with dozens of microphones pointed at his face with a bra wedged in between them, that’ll be me :)

    Lol, I prefer when photographers leave Iker’s trousers out of their photos, it’s for the safety of their lenses! 8-O

  7. so happy to see them back together again..cant wait for the updates.. ;)
    btw,for some viewing pleasure..

  8. You can see Iker’s pale hands and tanned arms

  9. Oh my god, I just can’t stop smiling when I see the guys again :D
    Sergio Ramos is always so polite and dead handsome !!
    I know Pique can seem a bit arrogant, but omg he is so handsome to!!!!!!

  10. not gonna lie, i’m most excited to see Sergio & Fernando together again. <3 BUT i'll be even more excited if Nando scores!

  11. Aw, I’m sad that Puyi is out :'(

  12. Thank you for the update! :-)

  13. Unamadridista, your commentary on Iker’s unfortunate sartorial choices always amuse me—and I totally agree with your comments always! I saw a full-body shot of Iker in that ensemble, he folded the edges of his denims so they don’t sweep the ground, and he’s wearing his ubiquitous flip-flops once again. Ack.

  14. Just wanted to share that Llorente was recently on some show in Spain and it has been uploaded to youtube….. It’s kinda funny too lol :)
    There are 5 parts here is the link to the first *but he doesn’t appear till the 2nd*


    I swear if I was in Madrid I WOULD STALK THEM LIKE CRAZY

  16. LOL @the comment about how Llorente arrived with Sergio’s LV luggage;-)

    footballers are indeed a good example to watch the fashion things, always something funny guaranteed.

    and oh Sergio, dude, he gets more manly each day, don;t you think? Total transformation from a boy to the man we are witnessing. and it is so hot, so hot.

  17. Iker’s flannel shirt feels like home. The rest of the outfit feels like hmmmmmm.

  18. Aww! I found an article about Khedira’s adjustments to Spain. It’s so sweet what he says and totally supports the family feel of the club:

    Despite the harsh start to life at the club, Khedira, who speaks good English but is now taking Spanish lessons, says the players have made him feel very welcome since his arrival.

    He added in the Stuttgarter Nacrichten newspaper: “What’s most remarkable is that the team is packed with international stars but there is still a down-to-earth atmosphere. Cristiano Ronaldo has already given me advice.

    “Xabi Alonso speaks perfect English. Diarra, who is my main competitor for a place in the midfield, has already told me about the nature of the game in Spain.”

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