VDB at Marca

Vicente del Bosque gave quite a lengthy interview in yesterday’s Marca, where he talked about both La Liga and La Roja.  Here are the interesting parts of the Del Bosque interview, the parts where he talks about his players.  Can’t wait for the national team to be reunited on Tuesday, and to see them start out on the road to defending their Eurocopa crown!

Q:  Did Silva make the right decision in going to Manchester City?  [I don’t think it was really his decision…]

A:  Players need stimuli.  This English adventure will be good for David.  He’s an introverted boy, but has a lot talent, and that’s going to help his adaptation.  I’m sure being in the Premier will toughen him up, like what happened with Torres.  One of the factors behind this improvement in our football was the exodus of players who went to Liverpool, to Arsenal.  It seemed like this country wasn’t exporting its talent, but we’ve demonstrated that we’re capable of going outside to play.

Q:  What happened with Silva in the World Cup?  He went from being a starter to not playing…

A:  It wasn’t anything personal, just a matter of competition.  The coach has a complicated time making decisions between players who are so much alike.  Anyone who says so and so should play is being reasonable.  I highly value Silva.

Q:  We return to the debate: Ramos – fullback or centerback?

A:  He’s a player that, when he’s in the right emotional state, can play either as a fullback or a centerback, wherever his club and his national team need him to play.

Q:  Javi Martínez made a nice gesture by returning to the U-21 team…

A:  And Busquets, who offered to do the same.  Sergio is a humble boy who offered himself to Hierro to play with the U-21 team right after becoming a world champion, even though he is Catalan, although I don’t want to go into that.

Q:  In the end, it’s Mata and Javi Martínez who are going, no?

A:  It’s a consequence of the enormous competition in this team, since there’s no way to bring more than 20 players every time and have a clear conscience later on, because people will be asking why we brought them if in the end they weren’t going to play.  Now, Mata and Javi Martínez will go down from the national team to the U-21 team.  If they understand their role well, they’ll emerge stronger from the experience.  If they don’t understand it well, it could hurt them.

Q:  What has changed in your life since you became champions of the world?

A:  Nothing has changed.  I didn’t expect anything to change.  It’s true that a lot of people come up to you, and they say that they don’t like football, but they experience sensations they had never felt before.  They thank us.  That makes you feel proud.  But my life hasn’t changed in any way.

Q:  Most of the people that come up to you are older women, no?

A:  (Laughs).  And also young people!  I don’t think it’s an issue of age.  It’s the same concept with the team.  I’m not trying to be humble, but I really believe that we have great players [personality-wise] and that’s our best heritage.  If this group is able to win, and win while remaining normal people, that’s the best thing that could happen, and doing it without conceit and without stupidity.  The best proof of this was seeing Reina or Víctor Valdés celebrating the goals of their teammates.  People said that Víctor would be detrimental to the team, but it makes me happy that everything was normal.

Q:  In two weeks, the road to the next Eurocopa begins.  Is it possible to repeat the success in 2008?

A:  We can’t get confused by success.  We need to put the brakes on our own vanity, even if we may feel an enormous satisfaction inside.  We’ve come all the way here, and now it’s time to start playing again.  That’s life.


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  1. I’m glad they asked about Silva. That’s interesting for me.
    And the rest of the interview is nice, too!

  2. oh, I wish them every good luck in Eurocopa and believe that La Roja can become that unique team which is able to win the Cup twice in a row!!!
    Del Bosque is a genius and the team is superb! Love them all so so much!:)

  3. What does he mean when he says Busqi offered to go down to the U21 “even though he is Catalan”? (As opposed to being, say, Navarrese?)

    • Yes, I laughed out loud when I saw that as I was not expecting to see it! The way I read it, glancing through, it almost seemed like VDB was saying: “Sergio is humble, a very nice boy, even though he is Catalan” :-)

      Madridista, you usually provide a link to the original — did I miss it, or is this article not available online?

      • It’s from the print edition. Maybe I didn’t write it correctly, but VDB was referring to the fact that Sergio, though Catalan and knowing that it would be a thorny issue, still offered himself to Hierro for the U-21 team. He also said that he didn’t want to get into this issue.

  4. Awesome interview. Thanks for posting!

  5. I am a little confused by his remark on Busquets now. I know that most Catalans don’t feel they are Spanish, but Busquets’s been playing for the Spanish national team already, isn’t it quite natural that he might offer to play for the U21 team? If there is any issue about that, shouldn’t playing for the national team in the first place will be the issue? Hmm…

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