don’t forget to keep an eye on the JMs!

The adorable (maybe that’s what the “A” on his shirt stands for?) captain of the Spanish U-21 team Javi Martínez and a handful of his teammates have already made their way from Madrid to Oliva (Alicante), where they will be staying the next several days as they prepare to take on the Netherlands on Sept. 2 in Alcoy, a pivotal game in their quest to qualify for the 2011 Euro.  The other player we’re interested in, Juan Mata, went directly to the hotel, since he was already in Valencia.

¡Mucha suerte chicos!


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  1. -_-|||
    I hope someone tells him what the shirt actually means.

  2. That’s not an A, it’s two people doing it doggy style lol…

  3. oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh who is the hottie in white? ;p i hope he is really good and makes it to the senior squad :D gotta keep the tradition of wonderfully skilled super hot spainish players!!

  4. Absolutely adorable, thank you so much for this wonderful picture!

  5. ooh more javi love!! jajaja im liking that shirt :D

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