pelota al suelo – Gerard Piqué

Next up in this series is Gerard Piqué, who gives very predictable answers to questions 13 and 14, the ones about which teammate(s) he spends the most time with and which one is the most unbearable.  If you’re inclined to click the link for the video, be sure to watch out for Geri starting every answer for the last few questions with “bueno…” or “pues…”

1. What is the first World Cup that you remember?

The one from 1994, in the U.S.

2.  Which national team shirt is the prettiest one?

The one we’re wearing now.  I like it a lot.

3. An unforgettable goal in the World Cup.

The one that Zubi unluckily let in, against Nigeria.  I remember it as if it happened today.  I was watching at home, and it wasn’t good for us, but that one stayed in my memory.

4. An image of Spain in a World Cup?

When Luis Enrique had his nose broken in 1994.

5.  Which national team game do you remember the best?

The one against Nigeria.

6. Where did you watch the 2006 World Cup in Germany?

The World Cup in Germany… umm umm umm, in Ibiza, I think I watched it there during the summer.

7. The World Cup final that you got the most excited about?

The one that was the last game of Zidane, I thought it was a great final, which was decided by penalties.

8. Why has Spain never won a World Cup?

Well because… we’ve have the culture of playing well but not winning.  Let’s see now that we’ve won the Eurocopa whether we can change that mentality and go for the titles.

9.  Which rival in the first round is the most difficult one?

Well, in theory, Chile, but if the three are there, it means something, no?  They deserve to be there, they’ve qualified and we have to face them.

10.  How many pairs of boots will you bring?

The truth is, I don’t know.  Since I’ve never done this before, I have no idea, but three or four, I suppose.

11. What is the most boring thing about a World Cup?

Well, the waiting time between games is always long, and South Africa is a long way from home, so you’re not in contact with some friends, and your family can’t come either.

12. What will you pack in your suitcase?

A laptop computer, a book, clothes and some music.

13.  Which teammate do you spend the most time with?

With Cesc and with Puyi.  I think those are two players that I get along the best with on the national team and that I spend the most time with.

14. Which teammate is the most unbearable one?

Cesc.  Cesc is very unbearable.

15. Who will be the star of the World Cup?

I hope it’s someone from our team, because that will mean we won the title or went very far, and so I hope it’s someone from our team.


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  1. ohh bless him ; ) Is he single?!

  2. its so cute how he said Cesc was the most unbearable one i bet to Cesc he’s the most annoying..hahaha adorable!

  3. I love it. “Cesc. Cesc es muy insportable.” And he even managed it with a straight face! So cute.

  4. “Cesc. Cesc is the most unbearable.”
    I WANT TO KILL MYSELF ALREADY THEY ARE SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That’s partly why I hoped Cesc would move to Barca
    the two of them are just. :’) So adorable.

  5. agree to everyone above
    his bromance with cesc is SOOO Adorable XDD
    is there one with cesc ??

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