pelota al suelo – Juan Mata

Juanín Mata is the star of today’s “Pelota al suelo.”  He has a really cute laugh (fast forward to question 16 if interested)!

1.  Which national team game do you remember the best?

The elbow to the nose of Luis Enrique, during the Spain-Italy game.

2. What is the first World Cup that you remember?

The one in the United States.

3.  An image of Spain in the World Cup?

That first game in the German World Cup, I think we won 4-1 and it was a great game.  [It was actually 4-0 vs. Ukraine.  Time to take football 101 with Busquets!]

4. Where did you watch the 2006 World Cup in Germany?

I think in Asturias, if it was during the summer, then yes, in Asturias.

5. The World Cup final that you got the most excited about?

The Brazil-Germany one, where Ronaldo scored.

6.  Which national team shirt is the prettiest one?

I really like the blue shirt that we played with just a while ago.

7. An unforgettable goal of Spain in the World Cup.

Raúl, against Nigeria.

8. Why has Spain never won a World Cup?

I don’t know, because we never had that bit of luck that we had in the Eurocopa, and hopefully will have in South Africa.

9.  What do you expect from Chile?

A complicated, aggressive and intense rival, like they were in the classification round, where they played well.

10.  Which team is the favorite to win the World Cup?

Brazil, Argentina, England, and us.

11.  Who will be the star of the World Cup?

Hopefully a Spanish player.

12. What is the most boring thing about a World Cup?

Probably the number of hours spent in the hotel, but for me, there’s nothing boring about a World Cup.

13.  What will you pack in your suitcase?

My toilet kit.

14.  How many pairs of boots will you bring?

Four or five.

15.  Which teammate do you spend the most time with?

With the ones from Valencia that are there, or with Piqué and Busquets, who are about the same age as me.  We play videogames and cards a lot.

16.  Which teammate is the most unbearable one?

(Laughs) I don’t know.  No one.  There’s a great atmosphere here.

17.  Which team wouldn’t you want to face?


18.  Why should we have faith in this team?

Because we won all our qualifying games, and this team is the champion of Europe.


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  1. I like the fact that they all hoped that a Spanish player would become the star of the WC!! And fortunately they all were right!!!:)
    And I like his answer to the last question.:)

    Is there going to be an interview like that with Sergio?:)

  2. I already thought he was freaking adorable, but that laugh sealed it!!!

  3. juanin!!!!!

  4. is there vid or something where i can watch these interviews?

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