Javi Martínez at Marca

Continuing with the current lovefest we are feeling for Javi Martínez, here is an excerpt from a recent interview with Marca…

Q:  Once again, little vacation and a lot of work…

A:  I have a lot of desire to begin.  I missed my teammates after being away from them for two and a half months, and now we want everything to begin well.

Q:  Your teammates on the national team welcomed you…

A:  One of the reasons why we won the title was because of this, this great atmosphere and the fact that everyone on the team gets along.

Q:  Have you woken up recently, thinking that all this about being champions of the world was only a dream, or has it sunk in?

A:  Bit by bit, you begin realizing what we achieved.  Believing it, I already believe it, although I don’t think we’re capable of imagining everything that the title has done and the historical milestone that we’ve achieved.

Q:  Has the title gone to your head, or are you the same person?  [what kind of question is this?]

A:  No, no, no.  No way, no way.  I’m the same player as before and I’ll continue working with a lot of humility, just like before.

Q:  What you have noticed is the attention from the press and the people that the World Cup has brought about…

A:  Yes, but right now it hasn’t been long since we won the World Cup, and I believe that as time passes, the attention will die down.


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  1. “…and I believe that as time passes, the attention will die down. ”
    Not from us, though! :D

    Also, I don’t think you’ve seen this before, it’s a cute picture of Javi: http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l7dfdoKfT11qbv8yqo1_500.jpg

  2. im liking the javi martinez lovefest lol :D

  3. I totally approve of the Javi Martínez lovefest! It’s about time for this! :D
    And of course I can only speak for myself, but if he wants for the attention to die down, he has to stop giving such awesome interviews and saying such great things. :)

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