pelota al suelo – Sergio Busquets

Next up in the “Pelota al suelo” series is Sergio Busquets.  It looks like he may need to spend some more time with Xavi and brush up on his Spanish football history…

1. What is the first World Cup that you remember?

The 1998 World Cup in France.

2. Which game of the national team is the one that you remember the best?

The one from the last Eurocopa, above all because we won it.  It was great.

3. An unforgettable goal of Spain?

I remember… a goal of Alfonso in the World Cup in France, it occurred at the end of the game and was a great goal, but didn’t help us a lot.  [What is he talking about?  Alfonso didn’t score during that World Cup.]

4. An image of Spain in a World Cup?

During the Japan-Korea World Cup… thanks to the referee, we were sent home.

5. Where did you watch the 2006 World Cup in Germany?

At home, with my family and friends.

6. Who will be the star of the World Cup?

Leo Messi.  [Way to support your own team!]

7. The World Cup final that you got the most excited about?

The last one, I thought it was a interesting one, there was a bit of everything.

8. Why has Spain never won a World Cup?

Due to their own merits.  I think that the best always wins, and if Spain has never won, it’s possibly because of things such as the influence of the referees or because they didn’t have a great team…

9.  Why would you go to South Africa if it weren’t for the football?

To go on a safari.

10. What is the most boring thing about a World Cup?

The amount of hours that you spend in the hotel.

11. What will you bring in your suitcase?

A laptop, clothes and not much else.

12. How many pairs of boots will you bring?

I think I’ll be good with six pairs.

13. Which rival in the first round is the most difficult one?

Chile, because they played very well during the classification round, and because they’re a great team and play great football.

14.  Which teammate do you spend the most time with?

With the ones from the club, Barça.

15. Which teammate is the most unbearable one?

I don’t think any of them are annoying; they’re all teammates.


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  1. I hope there is one of Cesc!!! >.<

  2. Nice article..,hopely there’s one with Pique..

  3. Is there one with Xavi? I ope so….I love him so much…..:)

  4. Thank you for the interview. I’m glad he didn’t comment on which player is most unbearable! Who would answer that? Haha

  5. I’m starting to sense you don’t like Busquets. :)

    P.S: Is there one with Torres? *Fingers crossed*

  6. What about xabi?

  7. As being a Korean fan, I don’t know what to comment on Busquets and Albiol’s answers to the question 4. :(
    Not that I disagree or agree with them, but it’s just a very strange feeling.. maybe a little bit of everything. haha.
    Thanks for the translation! Is there one with Ramos?

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