more from the Mexico game…

Some of you have asked for more from the Mexico-Spain friendly.  I don’t have a lot of time at the moment, so there won’t be an “in case you missed it” or any gifs, just some screencaps of some cute moments, none of which actually take place during the game!  I hope you don’t mind!

One. Why did Álvaro Arbeloa have two children, while everyone else had just one?  I love that the kids accompanying Santi and Mata are about as tall as they are, and the girl with Nacho Monreal is adorable!  And how great does that star on the jersey look?

Two. As I said previously, there weren’t too many interesting moments in the game.  Here are two of the few good ones.

Three. David Villa playing around with Xavi and Sergio’s faces during the trophy presentation.  What a lucky, lucky guy to be able to do that.  And who knew that his arm was that long, especially since he’s one of the bajitos.

Four. I love the fact that Iker took time to adjust the trophy’s position to make sure it was straight before the picture.  What a great captain we have!

Five. Pedro is soooo colorful!

Six. For some reason, this just made me laugh, because she’s very appropriately dressed.  And good for Sergio, for managing to ignore her (keeping intact the dreams of many girls).

Seven. Goalscorer David Silva talked with TVE reporter Silvia Barba (you know, the blond one with the glasses) after the match and was asked about the trip, especially how difficult the altitude and seven hours in time difference were.  David agreed, saying that the “jet liiiite” was hard.  Good luck with the English lessons David!  Soon you’ll be fluent!  Watch the interview here.


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  1. Aaaw, Silva is adorable.
    LOL Villa, he’s so “touchy”, Ilove him

  2. One of the two kids is Iker’s kid. He came out through the tunnel with one and then picked up the World Cup trophy.

    BTW, if it was a draw, why did they win the trophy?

  3. Bless you for this!

  4. In item 6, Sergio’s not checking out the lady with the cleavage because his eyes are on Iker. Can you blame him? :-p

    Also, with this match – there is *so* not a need for an “in case you missed it.” All we need are those pictures of Sergio and Puyi.

    • HAHAHA yes he IS eyeing Iker! Lol at lady with cleavage *rolls eyes*
      And I agree, due to the inclusion of Sergio’s delicious shirtlessness, our fellow readers will not demand an “in case you missed it” post this time ;D

  5. I recorded this game and now cant bring myself to delete it because of all the shirtlessness at the end!!!

  6. i missed this game.. :(
    wonder whats the story about that trophy..

  7. the game where i live didnt televise any player interviews. i’d love to hear more of david speak english

  8. oh! and as always THANKS for sharing these picture screen shots!

  9. lugifer posted this link in another thread, and I am being a bit cheeky by reposting it in this one, but I think more people will see it here. It is the post-match trophy presentation complete with tomfoolery and cuteness:

    Feel free to delete this comment if you think it is inappropriate!

    • thanks for reposting the link! i missed it on the other thread.
      I think i love david villa even more after watching the vid! if that’s even possible. Soooo adorable and cute the way he kept grabbing Xavi and Sergio’s faces. Gah. :)

      • Yes, but did you catch Sergio getting David back right at the end when they were leaving the stage? I could not love these boys more if I tried!

    • Gosh, I didnt notice that until you pointed it out! Thank youuuu!
      Seriously, these guys are tooo adorable for words! <333

  10. damn! puyi looks good!

  11. Adeisha Morgan

    I’m not 100% sure but I think in most if not all sports if there is a draw/tie the visiting team is awarded the trophy as if they had won. Home court is supposed to be an advantage hence the ‘away goal’ rule.

  12. more ramos hotness here:

    and again, damn!! puyi looks good!!

    • oh… my…. God…. you just killed me with that link… I’m breathless… how can a man be as hot as Ramos???? He’s so hot that seems to be absolutely unreal!!!!!!!!!!!
      anyway, thx a lot k5!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Adeisha Morgan

    Was listening to 50 Cent’s ‘Candy Shop’ when I saw Shirtless Sergi ……….. Yes. That would be good!

  14. I’ve been following your blog now i looove it its great…..the mexican reporter i believe its on the picture i dislike her yes i know i started disliking her after the south africa interview with ramos jajajaja but from aside all that i love the after game not much the game jajaja but anyways i love you blog so much :)

    • her name is Ines Sainz or something, right?

      I dont like the way she reports either, you can tell she tries really really hard to look cute/sexy.

  15. Hehehe jet liiite that is so cute

  16. where can i watch the silva interview? seems cute :3

  17. memories….of just last week. haha.

    i remember the end of the game when the camera was on sergio as he talks to the mexican player in this screen shot. i was counting down 3, 2, 1 …. aaand the shirt comes off!

    now with the haircut….oh well. at least crackovia sergio can reuse his wig.

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