from red to pink

From Marca: the eight Barcelona players who played on the World Cup winning team yesterday in practice.  The main reason I’m glad to see them all back together again is so that the club (certain people there, and the newspapers that support them) can stop whining about the national team’s trip to Mexico now.  Although I wouldn’t put it past them to shoot some more barbs at Vicente del Bosque over the coming weeks!

And David Villa must be relieved that he went to a club that wears pink a lot – one less change in his life!


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  1. I love Spain NT, but I’m catalan and a Barca fan. So in this case I have to agree with the club. It was wrong to call up so many players from barca 3 days before the supercup, when most of them didn’t even complete 45 min.

    • Well, I have to say it’s just conflicting interest-not saying you or the Barca side are wrong, but just that I don’t think Vicente del Bosque was wrong either. For now I think we should just be glad that no one get injured.

      And let’s be honest, “when most of them didn’t even complete 45 min” is not a very good objection, considering that the possible main reasoning for them not playing long would be to reduce the risk of injury. Making them taking turns on the pitch is far better than bringing only three but let all three stay for the whole game, which I believe would impose a much bigger risk of injury.

      I understand that for Barca, it would be best if the players can be spared this match, but this is not in the interest of the national team. So I agree that Barca has reason to be very annoyed, but I don’t think Vicente del Bosque should be the target.

    • maybe because rfef decided that it would be best to have as intact a team as possible from the world cup to honor their hosts and the fans, and because it is their very first outing as world champs.

      though bench players of spain are as good as any of the players in the world it wouldnt have been the same if you didnt see the players who figured largely in the world cup.

      for football fans all over, who wouldnt want to see the world champs, right? i think spain just wanted to go out and be seen as basically the same team that won in july.

  2. yeah, and long-distance flight does not help fitness-wise, even when you play only 45 mins in the match in Mexico or not play at all!

    anyway, I think maybe the speculations would end when barcelona wins the first match;-)

  3. why this picture looks so familiar to me =S

  4. I also , love the Spanish National Team and am a fan of Barca but I do think that VDB could have at least leave David Villa, who didnt even play, and Victor Valdes, given that barca doesnt have many goalkeepers, in Barcelona.

    I also just wanted to say the players where really happy to play with the National Team and not one of them whined about it, it was other people who did, mainly the press and the fans.

    I love your blog by the way, do you think you can put some more info about the match against Mexico, I live in Peru and it wasn’t trasmitted here.

  5. I’ve just been a fan of the Spanish national team since the world cup and am interested in the club teams in Spain so I agree that it’s frustrating to see such conflict between club and national team–the del Bosque bashing in particular bothers me too. There was a poll in either El Mundo Deportivo or Sport asking if del Bosque was purposely trying to make things difficult for Barcelona and most people said yes, if I remember correctly. (seriously?!) That is just silly, why would he have bad wishes for a club that has provided him with such great national team players? Anyway, players from all clubs were treated the same by him, there just happened to be many Barca players in the national team. In fact, it would probably seem more biased if del Bosque had purposely allowed the Barcelona players to miss the friendly while not allowing any other available players to. Blame the scheduling of the Supercup if you must, not del Bosque! ><)

  6. it was in the contract that most of the world cup winning team had to appear, I believe.

    And as most of the NT is made of Barca players…

  7. Haha, Villa does love pink a lot, doesn’t he? And no surprise that Puyi has gone with the sleeveless option! :-p

  8. I’m a huge Barça fan, but I like Del Bosque and think he was just trying to do his job the best he could, so all my complaints are mostly for whoever was dumb enough to schedule this round of friendlies just ONE MONTH after the world cup finals. It sucks, but what’s done is done, I guess.

    But really, I just wanted to say that I agree about David Villa probably being relieved that he gets to wear his favorite color more often now, haha. :) That man cracks me up!

  9. cheer up villa!!! jeeze

    and thank god andres is growing out his friend pointed out that torres is actually older than iniesta..and my other friend thought he was 32….i agree with what the la roja hairdresser said about andres’s hair, it totally detracts from how great he is

  10. This pic just made me soooo happy! Another addition to my David Villa-in-Pink collection! LOOOVE.

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