two not very exciting 1-1 results

Well, that wasn’t the most exciting game, was it?  In fact, I think the best part was before the game, when Iker was parading the trophy around.  After that, it all just went downhill.  Well, until the after the game, when the shirts started coming off.  But hey, at least we took home a trophy right?  The Mexicans let us have the Bicentennial Cup even though the game ended in a tie!

Quick recap: David Silva scored a goal in the extra time of the second half to save Spain and end the game at 1-1.  By scoring, he helped to preserve his former club teammate Carlos Marchena’s (I still think of both of them as che though) unbeaten streak, now at 56 games.  The goal came off a Xavi assist, and today all the papers are like, Xavi’s so great he doesn’t even need to train to play well!

Bruno Soriano got his La Roja debut in this game, becoming the 16th player to debut at the hands of Vicente del Bosque (the others are: Iraola, Capel, Bojan, Fernando Llorente, Piqué, Mata, Busquets, Pablo Hernández, Diego López, Monreal, Negredo, Jesús Navas, Javi Martínez, Pedro and Víctor Valdés).

The declarations after the game were cute.  Vicente del Bosque said after the game that he would give a “10” to all of his players for their effort.  And Fernando Llorente described the reunion of the team as “marvelous… it was very nice, we were able to think back about what we went through and being with them is sensational.”  And Xabi said, “it was like we had never separated.”  (He also looks very good in green!)

I missed them all so much over last month, and it was great seeing them back together again.  Next national team get-together: beginning of September.

I’ll post more from the game if I have time… but if you didn’t watch it, you didn’t miss out on anything.

Meanwhile, the U-21 team wasn’t having much luck either – their game also ended in a 1-1 tie, while group leaders and direct rivals the Netherlands won their game, complicating our life.  So now we have to win our remaining two games (against the Netherlands and Poland) and hope others mess up to qualify for the 2011 Euro and the 2012 Olympic Games.


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  1. i love them so much, but yesterdays game wasn’t so good.
    And i would see more pictures from yesterdays game.
    But it is OK.

  2. I hope you will make “in case you missed it” post.. Please.. please.. i just watched the 2nd half via streaming and it doesn’t help. I know it was not really good game, but it can’t be worse if i can see the players. Thank you!

    • Oh yeah, i wonder who was the captain when Iker went out?

    • they looked really rusty.

      maybe also because in 1st half del bosque mixed new call-ups with bench players. only wc starter was puyol and iker, if i recall correctly. the goal was more experimentation and getting more playing time for bench players and initiation/(re)integration of newbies than winning, although of course that’s important too as this is their first outing as champions. it would have created waves if they lost. a draw is respectable enough.

      • and busi also the starter, no?

      • yes you’re right. forgot about him. :-)

      • i think it was good too that they get more experience from a come-from-behind scenario. dont want them to be like brazil who unraveled when ned got a goal in first. roberto martinez (one of the analysts for espn during the wc) kept on predicting in every match that if spain’s opponent gets a goal in first it would be difficult for spain to get back in the game because it’s not used to come from behind scenarios. spain likes getting a goal in first and are experts (and practice a lot) in protecting that goal/lead.

  3. I went to skysports and the headline there was “Silva saves Spain : Barca striker rescues a draw in Mexico”
    duh -_-

  4. yeah i was all prepared to lose & then bb Silva saves the day. :D i’m so glad he got his moment since he was pretty much absent during the WC. Iker didn’t look too happy today though. :(

  5. thanks for your updates. saw some of the game. live streaming froze a lot. must be because only univision covered it in my area and everybody is tapping into it.

    my spanish is really atrocious and i was wondering if it was just me but i heard mexican commentators repeatedly calling ramos ‘comanche’. and they called david silva ‘chino’. would you know anything about that?

    and capdevila and david villa didnt play, right?

    • I don’t know about the Ramos part (maybe because he’s the Indio de Camas?) but for Silva, it’s because he looks a bit Asian (at least in Spain, they don’t really differentiate between the different types of Asian people and just use “chino” or “Chinese” as a general term for Asians). Maybe the Mexicans do as well?). In Silva’s case, he does have Asian blood, Japanese I think. And yes, Capdevila and Villa didn’t play.

    • the chino thing drove me insane. I’m part asian and i would slap someone who called me that. Silva is half filipino I think.

      • haha. when i lived in france the first 2 sentences i made sure i got right was

        1. on fait le queue. the french are notorious line jumpers which drove me mad, and

        2. je ne suis pas japonaise.

        silva being half filipino makes sense. like enrique iglesias, right?

      • Ohmyflippinggosh!!!! Really????! he is part Filipino???! GAAAAAAH. I seriously hope that’s true, coz I am Filipino!!! <333

      • i;ve been trying to find out if he’s truly part filipino but no definitive source for it.

        it does make sense though because his mother’s family name is silva (or even if it is jimenez) and he looks asian.

        spanish sounding name + chinese looking = filipino (normally)

  6. oh, I could not watch it, I only could see some streaming of the final minutes of the match and few after. You assured me in my opinion though, that the fact that I only caught Sergio exchanging t-shirts was in fact one of the good moments of this match LOL

    • MadridChiquita

      Haha – that is EXACTLY what I said after the game. My streaming was terrible, and then it was a draw (although I wanted a draw, I could never want Spain to lose but it would have been sad if Mexico lost on their Independence Day), and only a 1-1 draw. Kind of dull. Shirtless Sergio saved the day.

  7. i have another question for you una.i hope you’ll answer. in the crackovia series they always depict ramos as dumb as rocks. why is that?

    • I’m not sure… maybe because in reality he just seems to be a very simple, down to earth guy, or in part because he’s from Andalucía?

      • I’d say it’s *all* because he’s from Andalucía. The accent, the stupidity, and the tendency to break out in spontaneous flamenco are pretty blatant regional stereotyping.

      • Maybe because he is dumb as rocks? Kidding, kidding!!! You have to remember that Crackovia is a satire show, so of course they are going to exaggerate people’s characteristics to make fun of them, especially if they play for Real Madrid! And let’s face it, Sergio is a likeable good-hearted boy, but no one is going to mistake him for an intellectual. Nor Puyol, and they make him look like a meathead too!

      • In Spain, what is the connotation of being from Andalucia/the south? I wonder if it’s similar to the USA, where southerners are generally considered sweeter and nicer but also more traditional and conservative and not as smart…? (I’m from the north and this is what a lot of people think about the south, even though it’s a stereotype…) Also, people from the north USA talk way faster than people from the south. I wonder if that’s similar in other places.

      • thanks. are andalusians supposed to be hillbillies?

        was just wondering if there was an incident where they base their jokes on. but i havent really encountered anything that would suggest so.

        i think you’re right. it does seem that with ramos what you see is what you get , and seems to wear his heart on his sleeve.

  8. aaaahh i didnt watch the match :( so silva came as substitute?for who?

  9. Thank you dc for giving props/kudos to Xavi for the assist.

  10. The match had me tearing my hair out for way too long. The only good parts for me were the shirt swaps (Puyol swapped shirts at the end of the first half, and then the Univision cameras spent a *good* long time showing me a shirtless Sergio at the end of the second – thank god for DVR!) and some like… Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon flying, spinning leap that Ramos tried to use on an opponent, right at the beginning of the second half. But mainly the shirt swapping.

  11. El Pais ends their article by saying, “Nunca es tarde si Xavi juega”. “It is neve too late if Xavi is playing.” I know Arsenal is mad at him for some comments but is he liked too; or just by me?

    • Hi! please don’t believe the English tabloids! Most recent Xavi interview is a fake!! Ugh, why are they making the Cesc drama too… uhh… dramatic? Poor Xavi! Dios mio!!

    • Not just you, Andrea. I adore Xavi! He is the brains of both the NT and Barcelona, and an all-round superstar.

    • i like xavi too. he brings a calming presence on the pitch. when he has the ball you can almost imagine him thinking about his options.

      i think barcelona and spain needs fabregas to train under him. fabregas is good but xavi is great and he’s not getting any younger. IMHO. :-)

    • and people (around me whom i have forced to watch the wc) say he looks like robert downey jr.

      • sooo true! That’s exactly what i thought when i first saw Xavi! He reminded me sooooo much of Robert Downey Jr. I think it’s the eyes! anyway, thank you for bringing that up! :) I thought i was the only one who noticed the resemblance :)

        would anyone know if Xavi is aware of this? I really hope he is. :)

      • and! and! haha i got excited…for me xabi alonso looks like the guy from vampire diaries, matthew davis though they say he looks like michael c hall of dexter fame and six feet under fame.

    • I love Xavi. He’s the orchestrator for both the Barcelona and the Spain NT and it’s just a joy to watch him play.

  12. i actually enjoyed the game i wanted mexico to win and was happy when they made their first goal and it was an exciting game……may i add i always watch games on Univision and i love the commentators they make it alot funner….and i was wondering does anyone know were i can watch games like eurpean teams play cuase ESPN doesnt show anything and i want to see the eurocup and the champions league on tv does anyone know a channel?

  13. i missed the game..since no live broadcast of this game,i’ve tried to watch it online..but the lag stream really drove me mad.. :(
    feel much better to know that i didn’t miss out anything..

  14. Considering they were not fit, it was not too bad. They were gaining speed in the last minutes and managed to score without getting injured :D
    Del Bosque said that Marchena told him Silva would score and he did!

    PS: The more I see them together, the more I miss them when they are not

  15. i actually enjoyed the game i was uber-happy when Mexico scored but i didnt like the fact it ended in a tie….O i have question does anyone know what channel on TV i can watch european teams play like the champions league and the eurocopa Espn doesnt show anything like that and i really want to watch those soccer games….?thanks for any help :)

    • not sure about tv but i use the web to watch. it might depend on where you are located/your tv market. but try and click on the sked and click on the game you like. it will tell you who is covering the game. you can either click on the logo of the carrier there or search the web for any site tapping into that carrier. does that make sense?

      for ex yesterday among the games listed at 4PM ET was MEX-ESP. i clicked on the game itself and got and univision. couldnt get the one from fifa and tapped into univision. since coverage was freezing a lot i searched the web for another and got justintv which was also using univision so also froze a lot. but hey, i got to see sergio ramos take his shirt off. :-)

      not sure if they cover what you want though. hope this helps.

    • Try It’s quite good.

  16. what’s the story of that trophy anyway ??

  17. I have another question if you don’t mind =_=”
    is it the first time for Xabi to be the captain of the team??

  18. this video is funny.

    1. puyol hunched on the pedestal while the trophy was being given to casillas
    2. david villa plays with faces of xavi and sergio ramos during picture taking
    3. sergio ramos returns the favor to david villa as they exit the stage.

    • Thank you! I soooo needed to see that!

      I’ve seen in other videos that the Roja boys all seem to have an ongoing game of head-slapping tit-for-tat. I wonder if anyone is keeping score? :)

    • LOL at how Sergio grabs Villa’s hand hahahaha! Well I don’t blame him, if I were that close to Sergio, I’d be touching his face and.. :D

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