you have to love twitter for bringing moments like these

The boys have been busy tweeting away, and I guess all were impressed (and rightly so) by the Estadio Azteca, because they all felt compelled to share photos of themselves there!

From Sergio, it’s the four musketeers, version II (for those who haven’t been paying attention, Iker is just subbing for Albiol, but we’re all hoping they become the five musketeers).

And I guess Sergio got the upper hand on the four musketeers photo, because Arbeloa posted another instead of the same one.

And then Mata wasn’t impressed with that one (he was too impressed by the stadium) and so he posted one of his own.

All are adorable!

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  1. Such a lovely and beautiful stadium, but who am I kidding I only thought about the stadium after looking at the first pic for a long time just to make sure that its really Iker with the rest of the madridistas.I adore Mata.

    I am sure if their enthuthiasm for twitter continues like this, then we will have lots of wonderful things to talk about this season :)

  2. I love their twitters. So much. As though we needed more reasons!

    The musketeers are ridiculously adorable, though, and they need to stay together forever! :-p

  3. this is so cute, I want iker to become a regular in Sergio’s photos

  4. This is so cute…i adore Mata i think he’s so Cuteee!! :)

  5. love me some capdevila. he’s such a guy. was watching their game vs portugal again and he was steamed in the end when ricardo costa elbowed him on the side of his head. he was having words with someone in the portuguese bench as well as bruno alves when he entered the pitch again.

    his face looks like a picasso painting though. the planes are all going in different directions.

  6. I love their Twitter accounts too!! I’m a Barca girl but I gotta love how friendly Alvaro is in Twitter! He replies! :D

  7. Yay there are twitter posts here too! Hahaha yeah I love that Sergio and Arbeloa didn’t just copy each other this time.
    And oh my God I feel like such an idiot. Every time I’ve check the blog I’ve seen the same “what were you doing…” post right at the top, so I assumed that you weren’t updating! :O ..I’ve got some catching up to do.

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