en México lindo!

The Spanish national team has already arrived in the capital of Mexico, after a 12-hour flight from Madrid.  They arrived at 22h local time (05h in Spain).  During the flight, according to the RFEF, the players talked a lot, but not about football, and when they weren’t talking to each other, they were reading or watching movies.

Santi Cazorla was very happy to be back, and Bruno was a bit more timid, in this his first call-up, and he didn’t leave the side of his Villarreal teammates, especially Santi.

As RFEF president Ángel Villar was traveling with the team, all three delegates – Larrea, Cortés and Uranga – were also on the plane (remember, two of them usually travel with the team and the other with the president).  Who else was on the plane?  Team chef Javier Arbizu!

The Real Madrid players met up with their teammates at the hotel – as Álvaro and Sergio tweeted (the title of this post was taken from Álvaro’s tweet.)  Carles and Juan also tweeted their thoughts.

On Tuesday, Vicente del Bosque and several of the players will hold a press conference at 12:30h local time, and there will be a training session at the Azteca stadium at 17h local time.


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  1. i’m soooooooooo excited to see them play again (even with new/returning players & missing Nando/Pepe/Javi)!!

  2. Yay! I’m so excited to have them back already – it feels like it’s been so much longer than a month!

  3. i have a question for y’all… Who is still single in the NT? i gootta now whos in the market!!

  4. I can’t wait for the game on wednesday! i hope no one gets injured since they’re playing in such high altitude.

  5. Im not from Spain..but i was happy when they won the world cup…but now there playing a friendly against my favorite team!VAMOS MEXICO!…..good luck Spain

  6. hey well i’m from canada and i dont believe i have this on tv :( is there anyway i could watch a live streaming of this game or something? or if not live, watch it asap? thanks :)

  7. Hey sergio,alvaro,juanin,and puyi have update their twitter, completed with photos!

  8. love the bajitos navas, juan mata y pedrito

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