Javi in Finland

The RFEF has given us this cute little video of Javi Martínez basically just saying hi from Finland.  And I just have to say once more that I love what he has done (returned to the U-21 team after winning the World Cup with the “adult” team), and so we’re going to follow his adventures as he tries to get Spain qualified for the U-21 Euro next year, and the Olympic Games in two years.

¡Vamos España!  If you don’t speak Spanish, read on for what Javi says!

Javi says: hello, I’m Javi Martínez and I play for Athletic Club and now I’m with the U-21 national team.  We’re here in Finland, and we have a very important game on Wednesday to help us qualify for the Euro (championship) and also for the Olympic Games.  After the great success obtained by the senior national team, we want to continue contributing to this great project by qualifying for the Euro.

I think that shirt may be a bit itchy too!


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  1. oh this is cute! btw our wonderful boys are together again http://www.marca.com/2010/08/08/futbol/seleccion/1281288641.html what a pity that Javi can’t be with them

  2. your blog is adorable.. i recommended you on my tumblr.. can i credits your photo to my tumblr? thx so much for ur attention. :))

  3. very nice! maybe an itchy shirt indeed… thanks for sharing this unamadridista!

  4. Okay, ADORABLE, and what a team player! How do you guys grow them *so adorable*?! :-)

  5. If he is turning 22 in September, does it mean that this will possibly be the last match he plays for the U-21 team?

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this utterly adorable video, I can’t stop watching it. :)
    Javi = awesome. :)

  7. hi i love your blog i thinks its awesome!..keep up the good work!

  8. Oh my god, I was trying to figure out the background and then realized that the video was shot right in front of my house! How did I miss this?

    Your blogs are great, keep up the good work!

  9. Omg. I live right behind those houses on the left. The day after the U21 Finland-Spain game I bumped into BOJAN when I was on my way home from work. Well, I was so shocked I couldn’t speak for a while so he just walked past me, but… .____. I can’t recall it very clearly but a friend of mine said I had screamed.

    Just wanted to share this.

    Like your blog by the way, I just discovered it the other day.

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