FIFA takes back some money, and Del Bosque makes a choice

Both the Netherlands and Spain have been fined for the “excessive” number of cards they received in the World Cup final on July 11.

The Dutch football federation has to pay FIFA US$14,500 after eight players received nine yellow cards and one red one. Meanwhile, the RFEF owes FIFA the princely sum of US$9,650 for the five yellows its players received (including the one Andrés Ineista got for ripping off his shirt).

FIFA considers it “team misconduct” when at least five players from one side are carded in a match, leading to a fine of the federation. The 2010 final set a record for most cards.

But that money is just pocket change for the federations, considering that FIFA paid Spain US$30 million in prize money for winning the tournament, and the Netherlands received US$24 million as the runners-up.

I hope FIFA donates this money to charity.

Meanwhile, Vicente del Bosque will announce on Thursday the list of called-up players for the friendly against Mexico on Aug. 11 (the team will fly out on Aug. 9).  Out of all the players on the World Cup winning team, only Javi Martínez is ineligible, due to his participation in the U-21 Euro qualifiers.

However, the coach faces some tough decisions, as the majority of the players are either still on vacation or have just returned to their club teams, meaning that they are not match fit.  In addition, the first leg of the Supercopa de España between Sevilla and Barcelona will take place on Aug. 14, only three days after the friendly (Sevilla had one player in the World Cup, while Barcelona had eight).


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  1. I still can’t get over that Iniesta gets a yellow, just like Nigel De Jong who kicked Xabi.

    • I was thinking the same thing! I also noted that the arbitrary “5 yellow cards = a fine” means that Spain would not have gotten fined at all if Andres hadn’t ripped off his shirt.

      Whatever. It was totally worth it. I think if you asked the team if they would pay $10k out of pocket for a Dani Jarque tribute, they’d say yes.

      • I know thats forbidden to pull off the shirt, but in such tributes refs should leave them in the pocket. I think the guesture is awesome, to remember a dead player in such a moment (such as Sergio with Antonio Puerta). To show the yellow while De Jong tried to kill Xabi is a farce.

        Fifa should really think about themselves. They penalize Spain for exessive cards in the final, when they came into the final with having seen only 3 of them. Ok they got the fairplay prize, but can they buy something for that? How about the ref? Why doesnt he get penalized for not having shown the red to De Jong? He didnt have the game under control and thats why it went out of his hands. The whole world has seen that, but obviously not FIFA.

    • Agreed. I realize he had to book Iniesta for taking his shirt off, but still… the fact that those two things were met with equal consequences is crazy.

  2. It’s rather ironic that FIFA have fined Spain considering they gave them the Fair Play Award.

  3. I can’t wait for that friendly, or the Super Copa. Does anyone know how I can watch them online?

  4. ahah,speaking about the excessive cards just remind me to cesc’s post match interview..when the reporter asked him about the 15 cards in the game,his reaction was like ‘huh?what?really?’..super adorable empanao LOL..

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