he’ll always be my number one

(the second, sixth and first most loved persons in Spain).

According to a survey by El Mundo’s Magazine, published in its Aug. 1 edition, Iker Casillas is the second most-loved person in the country, after Rafa Nadal.  And due to Spain’s strong showing in the World Cup, several other footballers made the list as well: Andrés Iniesta is fourth, David Villa is fifth and Vicente del Bosque is seventh (the survey was taken from July 7-14, and around 11,ooo people participated).

Iker topped the list back in 2008, which was probably due to the Eurocopa effect (even the controversial Luis Aragonés placed 11th that year).

On the most hated list, Joan Laporta is the only football-related person who placed – he’s fourth.

People were asked to categorize the personalities in the following way: very loved, quite loved, somewhat loved, not very loved, not loved at all and I don’t know who that is.

For those people who chose to put Iker in the “very loved” category, there was – unsurprisingly – more women than men.  He’s also very loved most by people in the 18-29 age range.  Andrés Iniesta, meanwhile, is very loved more by men than women, while it was the opposite for David Villa.  Vicente del Bosque has about an even split, and unsurprisingly as well, is most loved by people in the 45 to 64 age range.  By the way, only 0.6% of the people surveyed didn’t know who Iker was, while that figure rises to 3% for Iniesta!!!


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  1. Iker is no. 1 on my list

  2. Aw Iker. After the cute crying I am surprised he didn’t make number 1.

    I like that pic of Rafa. The flags have melted enough such that it looks like he has lipstick smears all over his face.

  3. nice news, I wanted to share that Andresito gave intresting interview to MD about mundial and his famous Speedos :P http://www.elmundodeportivo.es/gen/20100802/53975865132/noticia/iniesta-todo-lo-logrado-te-da-ganas-de-conseguir-mas.html

  4. Iker is no. 1 on my list too :)

  5. Sergio’s my number one! :”D was he even on the list??:(
    Lol at ANYONE who doesn’t know who Iker or Iniesta are!

  6. Yay! David Villa made the list too! :) He’s my No.1 with Iker and Xavi tied at No.2.

  7. I guess I’m the only one who’d put Fabregas at the top of my list? Hehe

  8. My list has David Villa, Pepe Reina, and Xavi all sharing the top spot, with Xabi Alonso and Iker trailing at #2 and #3.

  9. Awww, Iker! Actually, I was bored and kind of low one day, so I was kidding around with my friend, an Iker fanatic, saying that we should ask “what would iker do?” sort of a riff on those “what would jesus do?” folks. (Iker being far more entertaining a role model, naturally.) So I went online and made silicone bracelets. I made them in the Seleccion’s colors and RM’s colors. I will post pictures when I finally get them in the mail!

    Also, I love your blog. It’s bad because I should be practicing my Spanish reading skills, so I love that you almost always link to the original Spanish, but English is easier for me, as my vocabulary kinda sucks. Thanks!

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