los secretos – DJ Ramos

I think this is a chapter that everyone has been eagerly anticipating, no? So I’ll skip the lengthy introduction and get right to it!

Chapter 9: DJ Ramos

– Sergio Ramos always had a set of speakers, a laptop and an iPod in his suitcase.  In the beginning, he only used them in his room or in the Cíber.  But the positive reaction of his teammates led him to ask Luis Aragonés if they could listen to music in the locker room before and after training sessions and games, as they changed.  Luis: “I told him that they could play music while they were changing, but when they were ready to go onto the field, they had to turn it off.”

– Sergio has always viewed music as a stimulus and a motivation.  At Sevilla, it was welcome, and at Madrid as well, though Capello didn’t like it too much (good thing then that Madrid kept on changing coaches!)  For the national team, Sergio has made his first attempt in the 2006 World Cup.  However, the locker room in Kamen where they were staying was too small to fit all of them, so the team was divided in two, and music could be heard in only one of the locker rooms, the one where the “Mesa de Triana” changed.  [That would be Reyes, Joaquín, Reina, Torres, Juanito, Marchena and Sergio.]

– the Eurocopa players listened to Argentine group Jambao’s “Se parece más a ti” at all hours in the camp.  Cazorla, Capdevila and Marcos Senna had sung it in the locker room of Villarreal and it had brought them luck (Villarreal finished second in La Liga after Real Madrid) and they asked Sergio Ramos to include this song in his compilation for Austria.  Cazorla:  “we listened to it a lot because Gonzalo Rodríguez, who is Argentine, liked it a lot as well.  We told Ramos to incorporate it into the CD because it has a lot of rhythm and it was very catchy.  He listened to us and it worked out.  Sergio consulted all of us for our musical preferences so that everyone would be content.  I really believe that music can lift your spirits and make you happy.”  Marcos Senna: “Sergio would propose a song and ask for our opinion.  Even if you didn’t like a particular song, after listening to it you become used to it.”

– the team listened to it so much they all ended up memorizing the lyrics.  They would sing in unison on the bus on the way to the stadium or training field.  Villa:  “I still listen to it and have it on my iPod.  When we returned to Vienna to play against Austria we played it in the locker room.  What memories!”

– after Spain eliminated Italy in the quarterfinals of the 2008 Eurocopa, the team played the song on their way back to the hotel.  The players sang along as they beat out the rhythm on seats, windows, the overhead rack…  A couple players danced in the aisles.  Capdevila:  “I don’t know how the inside of the bus survived.”  Fernando Navarro: “even Silvia and Paloma joined the party.  It was unforgettable.”

– in the end, Sergio ended up making a CD with all the songs.  Pepe: “It was a fantastic CD.  When I listen to it, a lot of memories come to mind and I sometimes even get chills…”  Marcos Senna asked Silvia to make copies for everyone so that each person could have it as a souvenir: “this CD united us and after the Eurocopa we listened to it almost every day.”

– another song was Rodrigo Alejandro Bueno’s “La mano de Dios,” which was dedicated to Maradona.  Whenever this was played, all eyes went to Rubén de la Red, who was nicknamed Maradona.  Rubén: “Reyes started calling me that when we played together at Real Madrid… as long as it’s spoken with affection and refers to good things, I don’t mind.”  Juanito: “we would sing it to Rubén.  He’s a great guy, but we joked around with him so much that I don’t know how he withstood it.”

– the driver of Spain’s bus, nicknamed Obélix for his physical resemblance to the comic book character, would play the CD on the bus without even asking anyone.  Puyol: “at first, we only listened to the songs.  But we all ended up singing along.  And if we were returning to the hotel after playing a game, we would also jump up and down.”  Arbeloa: “we had the songs stuck in our heads and we knew them all by memory.”  Aragonés: “I think even the driver sang along… I didn’t sing along, but I was on the verge of doing so…”

– Xabi Alonso: “in the end, we identified with all the songs and they became our songs, although they weren’t the types of songs I like.  But in that moment they were fun and appropriate.  But I don’t usually listen to them in the car.”

– Gerard Piqué:  “for South Africa, I suggested to Sergio that he include something from David Guetta.”

Sergio Ramos’ Eurocopa CD

1.  Jambao – “Se parece más a ti”

2.  Asignatura Pendiente: “Por ti”

3.  Rodrigo Alejandro Bueno:  “La mano de Dios”

4.  Hanna – “Por ti daría”

5.  Nelly Furtado – “Say It Right”

6.  Juan Magán – “Suave”

7.  Don Omar – “Otra noche”

8.  Fulantio – “Pecho a pechuga”

9.  Raghav – “So Confused”

10. Alexandre Pires – “Quitémonos la ropa”

11. Ne-Yo – “Because of You”

12. Nicole Scherzinger – “Baby Love”

13. Leona Lewis – “Bleeding Love”

14. Amy Winehouse – “Rehab”

15. Franco De Vita – “Ay Dios”

16. David Bisbal feat. Rihanna – “Hate That I Love You”


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  1. Thank you so much! I love this post! Their music is a bit gay for my liking, like way too pop. I mean, Baby Love by Nicole Scherzinger? No ways. But I understand Xabi’s point: I’ve ended loving some really bad songs because they’ve become a sort of team anthem.

    Out of interest, do you know why Ruben was called Maradona?

  2. awesome. Thanx a load!!!! :)

  3. anyone knows the playlist of the WC?

    • I don’t know all of it, but there’s video of them singing along to “Píntame” by Elvis Crespo, and “Waka Waka” by Shakira (I don’t know whether it was the English or the Spanish version, presumably the Spanish); Sergio also said they were listening to David Bisbal, but didn’t specify a song.

      Hopefully it will come out soon, though!

  4. another lovely post from you, thanks!
    I totally agree with ameerah, Nicole Scherzinger just… not in my mind when I imagine what kind of music they listen to, but gotta love their schoolboys on tour attitude.

    “the team played the song on their way back to the hotel. The players sang along as they beat out the rhythm on seats, windows, the overhead rack… A couple players danced in the aisles”

    I totally wanna join the fun!

  5. Sergio is adorkable! I can totally see him poring over playlists and making sure everyone’s tastes get represented.

    Awesome video, I want to be on that bus, right between MaraVilla and shirtless Pepe Reina! And of course Xabi was the cool kid sitting at the back, LOL.

  6. Thanks for the translation! I like that Pepe Reina is shirtless on the bus. And when the camera panned to Xabi Alonso.

  7. I haven’t heard half of the playslist before. Definitely going to download it, so i can imagining that moment.. thanks a bunch! :)

  8. I guess se parece mas a ti must have been the song they played on the airplane back from South Africa too, when they were all banging their hands on the overhead compartments/seats/windows along with the rhythm! It’s so cool they still listen to it! These songs are all so special because they mean so much to everyone. What a united team.

  9. love ti! thanks soo much!

  10. Btw which song in the video? thx..

  11. no pares sigue sigue

    LOL at Xabi and Pique’s comments. This chapter was completely adorable, thanks again for all of your translating. What’s coming up next?

  12. Thank you so much for the translation!
    Enjoyed it very much.

  13. That was a lovely post, thank you so much for translating the book for us….
    oh how I wish it’ll come out in English…..

  14. Just wanted to share with you: our Carles ‘tarzan’ Puyol will stay in team! He anounced it on his blog http://carles5puyol.blogspot.com/

  15. Chloe-Elisabeth

    typical Pique, suggesting David Guetta. but Pique’s got pretty good taste in songs, since most of the English songs he mentions are the ones I’ve listened to before!(ok, how shameless of me :D, i just claimed i’ve got good taste in music LOL).

    thanks for the translation xx

  16. DJ Ramos!!!! I’ve been anticipating this post for so long, and it’s finally here! :D Thank youuuu, Madridista!
    Aww I love the little dance he does in the video.

  17. Thanks for translating! This is really cute. And that video never gets old.

    Can’t wait for the rest of Los Secretos :)

  18. thank you so much for these translations!!! you rock!!!
    reading all the “backstage” posts and how these guys are so united and have become one, despite the tensions and divisions of spain in both football and politics, makes it no wonder what they’ve achieved in the past few years.
    also, god, the music they listened to! i can understand why xabi (the thinking woman’s becks according to my best friend) doesn’t listen to it in the car… yet i totally get why they stuck with them; we all have examples of songs we normally would hate but have become symbols of important times in our lives.
    thanks again!!!
    xoxox from greece
    ps.: i’ve just come to terms with my unconditional love for sergio. no twelve steps to follow.

  19. Hahaa it sounds like they like songs with loud, fun beats. The video is too adorable. I love being able to see so much of their casual, off-the-spotlight sides (thanks to you!).

    How long was the Euro Cup?? It must have gone on a while for them to bond like that!

  20. I was reviewing this list while listening to Guns n Roses and panicked, are there no rockers on the Spanish NT???
    Anyway, later I checked them out and some are kinda catchy. I think it wierd that Xabi Alonso had to clarify that he didn’t usually listen to that music, I mean there’s nothing wrong if he does.

  21. yeaiii! I was away and now I am updating myself and what a surprise to visit the blog and see this! I am commenting even before reading! thanks for translations!!!

  22. Loved this post! Thanks so much for putting this on here. Interesting selection w/ the random pop songs-Rihanna’s”Hate that I Love You”?? Hahaha okay…whatever works for them I guess lol. I love that Sergio’s so passionate about using music to unite/energize his team!
    Also loved the video…Sergio’s dancing in his seat was so cute…and Xavi chillin in the back haha

  23. Thanks for the post! I’ve been anticipating this particular chapter for so long!! I agree with Xabi about the music choices but I don’t think Cesc’s list is worse, I actually liked his more than Iker’s.

  24. The only song from the list I know is “Rehab” by Amy Winehouse. I am clueless as to the rest of the list. Well, except for “Se parece más a ti” since it’s on the video. (And I liked it!) What I wouldn’t give to be on a bus ride with those boys. They look like they know how to have a good time.

  25. i’m with xabi alonso here. those songs must have meant a lot to the team for them listen to the cd over and over again. not the greatest of songs/tunes/beats/lyrics in my view.

  26. What a great post. I’ve been listening to that video ever since I discovered it on youtube. And it’s so ncie to watch them singing all together.

    Also, I wonder what kind of music Xabi does listen to in his car!

  27. Sorry! It was bad link! Cheesy

    Here is the good one!

  28. I’m with Xabi, this is not the sort of music I would listen to in my free time either. ;-) But DJ Ramos is so funny — I was watching the Informe Robinson “Estamos Preparados” special on Canal+ that another reader linked to in comments, and the entirety of the time they spent profiling Sergio Ramos, they spent showing him packing nothing but a huge collection of dozens of CDs! A whole bag full of CDs, no room for clothes or shoes. (OK, I’m sure he had other bags full of those. Probably Louis Vuitton ones, too.)

  29. Aww Sergio is so sweet!

    Thanks for translating everything, I love your blog!

  30. surprised they didn’t listen to alejandro by gaga

  31. god how ilove these guys, they make me happy
    i love all their playlists and to the ‘ no rockers’ bit, i heard fernando torres is into rock

  32. Oh, this is so sweet!
    thank u for translating
    when will be the next chapter?))

  33. OH MY GOD!! I hadn’t noticed DJ Ramos played a song by a Venezuelan artist!!!!! Franco de Vita is not one of my favorites but I’m like so proud!!!!!!
    I’d read this post ten thousand times and never really noticed it!!!!!!!
    I feel so weird! ^^
    It means Ramos listens to all kinds of stuff, even from my silly old country, (even though this was two years ago!)… Aww…! I’m all teary eyed

  34. Does anyone have DJ ramo’s playlist for world cup 2010 and eurocopa 2012?

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