and the award for most patriotic goes to…

(no, not Sergio’s ass, although it is very nice).

As expected, Javi Martínez has been called up for the U-21 team for their European Championship qualifier against Finland in Kotka on Aug. 11.  The team will report for training camp on Aug. 5, and though Javi may not be in game shape, having just wrapped up his vacation, his mere presence will be a morale boost for the team.

And don’t forget to watch the U-19 team take on France tonight in their European Championship final!


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  1. I have tons and tons of appreciation for this guy. Such a model pro, and so down-to-earth. A lot of people would consider a U-21 qualifier game below them after having won a World Cup with the A team, but not him. He’s just awesome.

  2. who’s the guy lying next to sergio??hehe..

  3. You had me cracking up at Sergio’s ass! Can’t wait to see the boys in action once again—whether it be club football or U-21s or what have you!

  4. It’s very easy to get big headed in football, but good on you, Javi! :D
    Also, hard luck to U19 La Rojita, really didn’t deserve that ending :(

  5. I LOVE JAVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTEEEEEEE <3

  6. i think is villa next to sergio; whatever… javi´s a great player!
    oh, and i looooove this blog! keep writing this one.

  7. Aww Javi’s such a nice person. And definitely he feels sincerely passionate about football and his country!

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