a random collection

A collection of random photos, anecdotes, articles and general information that I’ve collected over the last few weeks, and that didn’t fit anywhere else!

One. From El Mundo columnist David Gistau:  my wife went to the movies on Friday [June 4].  When she returned, she asked what the name of that footballer with hair like Greystroke that plays for Barcelona was.  I said, Puyol, why?  Because he was sitting next to me, I think with his girlfriend.  My wife is as reliable in identifying footballers as Casillas is when he comes out to block high balls.  But, if we believe her, it seems that Puyol spent his free day going to the movies.  That’s normal.  What’s not normal?  That the movie he saw was Sex and the City 2.

Two. A picture of Iker I thought I would share.

Three. Did you know that Iker lost four kilos while in South Africa?

Four. Xavi, when asked to name a memory that will stay with him from his time in South Africa:  “the smile of the people.  They know how to be happy with little.  You have to congratulate them for that.”

Five. Remember how I mentioned David Villa’s boots here?  Well here is a closeup of those boots, as well as David’s passport.  You can see the D&P on the lower right hand side.

Six. An artistic picture of Sergio Busquets, also from El Mundo.

Seven. Apparently, the national team has an official song (yes, another one).  Take a listen to “Roja Pasión Española” here.

Eight. At the request of reader Hanif:  the Royal Spanish Mint has come out with two limited edition commemorative coins, one minted in gold with a face value of €20, the other silver, with a face value of €10, to celebrate Spain’s World Cup victory in South Africa.

They were put on sale on July 26, cost €65 for the gold one and €44 for the silver one, and can be bought together or separately.  Only 20,000 of each have been minted, and they come packaged in jewelry boxes.

The gold one has an image of a footballer on the run (he doesn’t resemble any of the current players), while the silver one features the hands of a goalkeeper trying to catch a ball that is also a globe.  On the other side of both coins is a portrait of King Juan Carlos I.

More information here, including a link to buy the coins (however, the online shop of the Real Casa de la Moneda does not seem to be secure).

Nine. There are rumors going around that Geri Piqué and Shakira are more than friends… at least that’s what Cuore is reporting.  Apparently they were seen together at a hotel on the same night, and it was a hotel where Geri was not staying… (this is relevant to this blog because Shakira sings “Waka Waka” and Geri appeared in the video).

Ten. Vicente del Bosque is currently in Marbella, where he was honored as a peregrino of San Pedro.

Eleven. An article about Pedro, where the interviewer went to Abades to talk to “Pedrito el nuestro.”  It doesn’t talk a lot about the national team, but I know there are a lot of culés here, so I’ve included it.

Twelve. As a reward for reading this far, another picture of Fernando Llorente on vacation.  ¡Hola!


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  1. pique broke up with his gf??? and i doubt the whole shakira thing, they tried to make her and nadal as a couple as well but ppl always forget that shakira is engaged and really loves her fiancée lol.

  2. Wow Is that true about Geri and Shakira? And Iker lost 4 kilos? Wow..wow..wow..
    Great post btw! Muchas Gracias!

  3. one.. the amoutn of spanish athletes shakira is linked to is mounting (might have something to do with the music videos ;D rafa nadal anyone ;D)

    and Xavi is right. The smile of people in RSA is always warm and welcoming (though not just RSA, all of hte southern african countries I visited actually) :D Amazing part of the world!

  4. Pique and Shakira??????????
    WHAAAT?! Oh man…
    I thought Pique was in a serious relationship… with Cesc! LOL
    just kidding

  5. Oh Sergi Busi, what a lovely picture…

  6. Roja Pasión Española” I really like it, and I’ve listened to this one during whole WC

  7. Is Llorente the life model for Michelangelo’s statue of David in Firenze?

  8. Oh, every time people post pictures of Llorente, I always think about that post you made about the team barber where he said something like “It looks good not because of the cut, but the hair itself” :-) You can’t buy hair that good!

    Thanks for the article on Pedrito! I will read it… slowly ;-)

  9. yeah, i was getting worried, during the WC iker was so emaciated looking.
    also MAN llorente is a demigod, lets not mess around here.

  10. This post is wonderful, thank you.
    But what a reward!!! That man looks damn awesome.

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