los secretos – South African edition

The RFEF has an interview with the author of Los secretos de la Roja, Miguel Ángel Díaz.  He talks about the experience in South Africa in the interview, and whether there will be Los secretos de la Roja 2!  He says they may consider publishing a new edition with another chapter or – fingers crossed – another book, although he doesn’t know if there will be enough material.

Highlights of the interview:

– on the team: the team is like a group of students who have gone camping or on vacation together… Iker is the spiritual leader, and the group is always above all individual interests.

– on the porra: Luis Enrique started this tradition, and he used it to foster team spirit.  It’s good during the training camp, because it’s joked about during breakfast, those in the lead rag on those who are behind… As far as I know, Piqué won the porra this time.  We don’t know what will happen to the tradition, because we still don’t know whether Puyol will leave the team or not.

– on the nicknames of the newbies: as far as I know, Pedro doesn’t have a nickname.  Javi Martínez is called Jiménez, because one time during a chat, Vicente del Bosque accidentally called him Javi Jiménez, and the other guys followed suit.  [Shades of Luis Aragonés, no?]  Xavi Hernández is very good at finding resemblances between people, so whenever there is anyone new, he starts searching in order to baptize them with a new name.

– a fun memory: it was a stressful day, I think the day before the game against Chile, where we could not lose.  Capdevila came out of the locker room with a mustache, surprising everyone.  We asked him if he was going to keep it, and he said, “I’m not Capdevila, I’m Uli Stielike.”  His teammates laughed a lot and I asked him if he was going to keep it for the rest of the World Cup, and he said, “no way, when I arrive at the hotel I’m going to shave.  I did it just as a joke.”  Capdevila is probably one of the lesser-known players by the public because there are so many stars on the team that no one notices him.  He’s had a spectacular World Cup and is a very important player in the group; he’s very team-oriented and is loved by his teammates.

And after the final, Capdevila came out to where the journalists were waiting with an ice bucket on his head, while still wearing his kit, to bring us the World Cup.  He let us touch it and so we were the first ones, after the players themselves, to have the privilege to do so.

[What a nice guy Joan is!]

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  1. What is a porra?

  2. “Xavi Hernández is very good at finding resemblances between people, so whenever there is anyone new, he starts searching in order to baptize them with a new name.”


  3. Another chapter?!? How can they possibly fit all the magic of the team’s World Cup experience into a single chapter?!??! I want to start a petition for a whole new book!

  4. Just wondering, what does Puyol have to do with the continuation of the porra? Thank you! GREAT blog!

  5. I believe there would be enough “material” to write a new book with lots of chapter! And even better if they also make the English version of both books. Who doesn’t want to read stories behind a WORLD CHAMPION?

  6. Oh this is great! thanks for posting it!

  7. amazing!!! YAAY, but yeah i second that it should be a new book!

    btw… i saw another video by capdevila where he refuses Romina Belluscio to copy the Sara-iker kiss with the reply: No eres mi equipo :D The guy is too funny lol

    • Ha! In English if Capdevila had used the phrase “playing for the other team” he would have been hinting that he was “un monosexual” (gracias a Crackovia) so too bad for her that she was a girl! But we know Joan is married with a son, so what did he mean in this case? Does she support e.g. Valencia instead of Villareal? Or is this a way of saying “I’m married and off the market”?

    • Wait — after I watched it a couple of times, are we sure that’s what he’s saying? It sounds like he’s simply saying “No eres mi tipo” — you aren’t my type! Not that he plays for the other team. ;-)

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