a little note on la rojita

As some of you know, La Rojita (refers to any of the Spanish youth national teams) is currently participating in the European U-19 Championship.

And it looks like they’ve learned a lot from their older brothers, because they all get along extremely well with each other as well!  It helps that nine of the players won the European U-17 Championship two years ago, and so they know each other well (again, just like the selección absoluta and the Eurocopa/World Cup…)

It also helps that there is a rule that players from the same club cannot room together, so that the players will not form groups and will mix together.  However, that wasn’t a problem at all, since the players constantly go in and out of each other’s rooms.  They also play videogames or cards or ping pong (Oriol is the best, with Canales a close second) together, and also join up to watch videos of their games.

Anyway, Spain is through to the final and will play France on Friday.  Let’s hope the Spanish sports hegemony continues!!!  In any case, the national team is in good hands.

By the way, we’ve had some great moments from La Rojita in this tournament; here are a few: Ezequiel’s penalty kick against Italy, and Canales’ goal off of a free kick against England.


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  1. This is exactly what we called “FUTURE”!!!

  2. they are very cute

  3. Stars of the future! It’s good to know the legacy will continue. Spain is doing something absolutely right with their youth program.

  4. The Ezequinha is how Ezequiel or one of his teammates called that AWESOME penalty!
    It was a cañonazo!!!! I think Spain is set for a long streak of World Championships :)

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