la otra selección – the trip coordinator

Today’s profile focuses on Antonio Limones, the man responsible for coordinating all the travel arrangements of La Roja.  This World Cup was the fifth that he organized for Spain in this area.

Antonio was born in Madrid in 1959, and studied tourism, working in various travel agencies before the RFEF came calling in 2001, although he had begun working with the RFEF in 1991 when he was still at the travel agency arm of El Corte Inglés.  Now at the RFEF, Antonio is responsible for searching for hotels, training fields, gyms, airports, places to buy food, etc. wherever La Roja travels to.  During the Eurocopa, he also organized between 600-700 trips for the families and friends of the players.

In this World Cup, Antonio checked out about 30 places before deciding on Potchefstroom as Spain’s HQ.  Potch was chosen because the players could go to the training sessions on foot, and because the airport was five minutes away.

He’s also known for being a miracle maker, and says of his work, “the best part is overcoming challenges.”

His friends add, “he had no idea about football before, but now he talks like he’s Aragonés.”


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  1. Oh man sounds like the busiest job in the world! I wonder if that cellphone ever leaves his ear ehehehe

  2. Thank you for all these infos about the “Team behind La Roja”. Really appreciate it :)

  3. I would LOVE to have his job not only because I’d be able to work with our lovely team, but because I’m actually interested in the things he does (coordinating travel arrangements and searching for places).

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