la otra selección – the readaptor

Today’s post on the people behind the scenes focuses on Hugo Camarero, the physical readaptor of the team.  His principle job is to work with players who are recovering from injuries to make sure that they can reincorporate correctly into the team.

Hugo is 31 years old and is from Burgos.  His father is the second cousin of Miguel Ángel Portugal, who was Racing’s coach in the 2006-07 season, and the team from Cantabria offered Hugo an internship that season, to see if he would like working with a professional football club and to help out their fitness trainer, one Javier Miñano.  At the end of the season, Hugo received an offer to continue with the team, and in the 2007-08 season, he worked with the youth teams of the club.

Hugo then went on to do two masters degrees, one in sports administration and the other in injury recovery, both offered by the Spanish Football Federation at their headquarters in Las Rozas.  And so it was no surprise, with all his links to the RFEF, that when Vicente del Bosque told Javier Miñano to find him a physical readaptor for the national team, that Hugo Camarero came to mind.  And of course, Hugo accepted the position.

We saw Hugo working a lot with Andrés Iniesta in the first several days in South Africa, when Andrés was recovering from his hamstring injury.  Whatever he did must have worked really, really well, because we know how the rest of Andrés’ World Cup turned out!

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  1. hola una madridista! te tengo una pregunta esque me da mucha curiosidad que es lo que quieres estudiar? si no es que ya estas estudiando o bien ya estudiaste? esque tienes mucho talento en periodismo lo que yo quiero estudiar. Tienes muy buen futuro y quisa y llegues a s er de las mujeres de el euipo de la seleccion trabajando detras de esena!! saludos!

    • Nada de periodismo, me licencié en ciencias políticas! Este blog es más como un hobby para mi, sólo empecé a escribirlo hace un año! Y me encantaría trabajar algun día con la selección española!

  2. thanks! another nice portion of info’s!

    oh, is it only me, or does anyone else still sometimes has those moments of disbelief that they actually WON THE WORLD CUP. Still, 2 weeks later, I find myself once in a while thinking: OMG, did Spain really do it? Like really? And noone’s going to ever take it back? Did they really really win?

    And than I always have to watch the final minutes of the final match, with Iniesta’s goal, and sometimes I also watch the decoration. and oh, my, I confess that tears appear. even though, I am fully aware that there are more important things in the world. but hell, yeah, they won!!!!!!!

    and does it only appear to me, now looking from the time perspective, that this team was just destined to win? it’s like all the factors came together, and this team spirit, and all those players, and there was just never another option!

    • It’s definitely not just you! I’ve had several moments where I’ll be doing something (academic work, cleaning, whatever), and all of a sudden, I remember – Spain won! I quite frequently say it out loud, too, and get strange looks from my friends and family because I’m sitting there grinning like an idiot and yammering about something that happened *weeks* ago!

      I don’t know if that feeling will ever go away!

  3. Yes totally agree.. I put the team (with the world cup) poster at my room’s wall so i could reconvinced my self every morning that they are really WON!!

    And i love those kind of feeling, you know when you remember that day again. july 11th 2010. Iniesta’s goal, iker’s tears of joy etc.. Such a heartwarming feeling..

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