¡campeones! – el gran Pepe Reina

The Pepe Show was just one part of the fiestón, but probably the part everyone had been anticipating since the last one ended on June 30, 2008.  Thankfully, Spain won the World Cup so we could get to hear the all new version of The Pepe Show.

Pepe had the crowd in his pocket as soon as he was handed the microphone.  His first words, after greeting the crowd, were “¡os quiero la hostia!”  Then he did the 300 chant with the players: “Spartans!  What is your profession?  Ha-ooh!  Ha-ooh!  Ha-ooh!”  This has become something of a rallying cry for the team.  Then Pepe thanked everyone – every person at the scene, people watching at home…  And he made sure to thank the entire team – all the staff that was up there on the stage with them.

And then it was time for the presentation of the players one by one.  Note: some of the translations don’t work well in English, and other things are probably private jokes amongst the players, so they don’t make any sense to the rest of us.

One. On May 20, 1981, a saint was born in Móstoles.  He stopped the penalty against Paraguay in the quarterfinals and blocked everything that came from above against Germany.  He stopped Robben in the final with his foot.  He stopped Robben in the final with his hand… Iker Casillas!

Two. The friend of famous people, he’ll kill to get a [Blackberry] pin, he loves his Blackberry, his mouth sings… Raúl Albiol!

Three. The friend of show business, the dandy of Spain, the central defender of the world… Gerard Piqué!

Four. The “pater” of Spain, 55… 55 straight games without a loss, no one else has done it, the father… Carlos Marchena!

Five. The head of Spain, he sent us to the final with his head and his Tarzan of Africa hair.  The man who eats shinbones… Carlos Puyol!  [Pepe said Carlos].

Six. Sweet… sweet Iniesta.  The man, the man… let’s see… who wrote the script for the final, the man that all of Spain loves… Andrés Iniesta!

Seven. The goals of Spain have a name… el guaje David Villa!

Eight. The one in charge, the one in charge, he goes here, here, here, now I steal the ball, now I pass it… Xavi Hernández!

Nine. Everything began two years and 13 days, and 13 days, ago, when he scored a goal against Germany.  He made us dream, he made us believe, and that’s how we have won this cup… Fernando Torres!

Ten. He doesn’t want me to say “empanado” but let’s see… Cesc, where is Cesc?  Come here.  With the 10, he has a heart… [Piqué and Puyol put a Barça shirt on Cesc].  With the 10, the future of Barça, the future of Spain… Cesc Fàbregas!

Eleven. The owner of the left touchline, the incombustible one, the phenomenon, he’s extremely ugly… Joan Capdevila!

Twelve. The panther of Hospitalet, the genius, the character.  Come here, come, come, come.  They said that we didn’t get along.  (Both Pepe and Víctor say) Take that.  There’s no fucking way that we don’t get along!  Víctor Valdés!

Thirteen. The magic ankle, the friend of the feint… Juanín Mata!

Fourteen. The lung, the lung [the same kind of meaning as if you say someone is the heart of the team].  Look, war wounds, for his country, for Spain… Xabi Alonso!

Fifteen. The Indian of Camas.  The lung of the right touchline.  He goes to attack and like the míster says, he’s a bit nervous when it comes time to cross the ball… where is he?  But he does it very well.  The Indian of Camas… Sergio Ramos!

Sixteen. For me, the man of the World Cup, the snowplow of Badía, the octopus of Badía, the tentacles of Spain, the man who steals (balls), gives, takes away, plays and creates hesitation… Sergio Busquets!

Seventeen. The trufas is going to present himself.  We call him the Spartan.  Why?

Arbeloa: Spartans!  What is your profession?  Ha-ooh!  Ha-ooh!  Ha-ooh!

Pepe:  Álvaro Arbeloa!

Eighteen. He sprints to the bathroom.  He sprints to eat.  He goes to bed and runs in bed.  The authentic and incomparable… Pedrito!

Nineteen. The truck of La Roja, the one that carried us against Portugal, who made Portugal’s central defenders look like they were drunk.  He took charge of three, four, five of them.  The truck of La Roja… Fernando Llorente!

Twenty. From the “altos hornos” of Bilbao, the man who steals more balls than anyone else on the planet, the strength, the spirit, the muscle, the dedication of Spain… Javi Martínez!

Twenty one. From the Canary Islands, with his sambita, with his jokes, with his art.  Over here, over there, the feint, now yes, now no… I’ll put it in for you, take it.  The pony, he’s 1.40m tall… David Silva!  [Oh dear, David Silva has shrunk – he was 1.50m tall two years ago, according to Pepe.]

Twenty two. Ah, here we have a problem.  He’s escaped from lunatic asylum, you all are going to see his face.  He’s broke out running and they’re not going to be able to catch him because he runs a lot.  The crazy bird, the spirit of the national team… Jesús Navas!

Twenty three. With a headache that I can’t handle anymore, this humble speaker who’s speaking to you from his heart.

And of Vicente del Bosque, Pepe said:  he’s goodness personified.  He’s always correct.  These aren’t empty words.  He’s brought us here and he made us win what we wanted, the yellow one [referring to the gold World Cup trophy], what we dreamed of…. Don Vicente del Bosque!

And then as Pepe was about to continue speaking, Iker went up to him and whispered in his ear.  And so Pepe made a point to thank all of the 2,000 or so police and security that had worked throughout the day to guarantee their security and their passage through Madrid.

¡Que grande es Iker!


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  1. thanx for recapping his speech. I’ve been looking forward to it and it surely didn’t disappoint. Pepe is so lovable! and loved the Cesc part!

  2. love it! this team is unique! true team spirit and friendly realtions, it’s an honour to cheer them!

  3. I’m certainly gonna miss Spanish world cup winning team of 2010! It looks as if they are all family and mix well with each other! VIVA ESPANA!

  4. this is great! i love pepe! he’s definitely the most entertaining guy on that squad!

    and am I the only one that thinks that cesc/barca shirt thing was very rude?! I used to love Cesc but the way he’s playing mind games with all the arsenal fans is really making me not like him so much.

    I guess that’s why I like fernando torres ever so much more after seeing that picture of him wearing a liverpool scarf while holding the world cup trophy. now thats a player to be proud of!

    • I thought it was rude too, and not very appropriate. But I think the Barça shirt ended up on the floor (I’m not 100% sure it’s the same shirt), with Villa stepping on it (not very nice to do that to his new jersey, no?) http://i762.photobucket.com/albums/xx268/unamadridista/92.jpg

      • It was only a joke and I think it means nothing. Because Puyi and Pique know that Cesc has a contract with Arsenal and respect that. They can only hope that he comes to Barca someday. ;)
        Nando wore the scarf of Atletico in Madrid and the scarf of Liverpool in South Africa ;) http://www.daylife.com/photo/08Tpc7t3YQabj?q=Spain+national+football+team

      • To be fair to Cesc, they really had to wrestle the shirt onto him- didn’t he pull it off immediately afterwards? And Arsene Wenger seemed pretty understanding about the fact that it was a prank.

        But Pepe is an adorable MC, I love how he included everyone in his speech and how the team just went and made this huge pile of a hug on him after he spoke about himself.

    • i feel the same way too! and i’m so proud of torres being proud of liverpool. i kinda wished cesc would do the same actually.

    • Cesc says he had no idea they would do that, he thought it was a flag they were putting on him and he took it off right away. I think he’s been trying really hard not to say anything about a possible transfer, while it’s everyone else who’s been very vocal about it.

    • Cesc did not know what was being put on him ….and also they are young(23 yr old) pulling legs n having fun wid each other n enjoying celebrating like any of us would do.
      And I didn’t think it was anything to be taken so seriously of.Well that’s jus wht I think :D

      • Yeah. Although he’s Arsenal captain, you can see how his Spanish teammates treated him like how we treat younger kids! (eg: how Casillas “touched” Fabregas’ face and played around with him + how innocent Fabregas looked when Reina singled him out) Funny isn’t it? They are bonded with each other and always hang around like family! VIVA ESAPANA!

    • I don’t know. I think we’re probably just reading a bit too much into it. It was just a prank. Rather thoughtless perhaps. But surely not with much scheming and plotting behind it. Besides Cesc and his sister both have said they had no idea this was going to happen.

  5. thanks for the great .. Even if I did see video with subs I still waited for your post .. you always have something special…

  6. yay your translation makes more sense to me than the youtube one earlier.

    What is the Indian of Camas for Sergio?

  7. pepe has a heart of gold, i’m telling you. :)

    what do you think pepe meant by the “indian of camas?” what would that mean in spain?

  8. Here’s what the man himself had to say about it:

    Honestly, I think it was harmless fun. He and Pique are such great friends and all those guys from his youth have just been saying how much they miss him and want it back. If he didn’t mind it, and the other players didn’t mind it ( check out the smiles on their faces, like Sergio Ramos, Javi, Navas, etc) I think this should be given a pass on what was obviously just a great night of silly celebrations. I would hate to see such an innocuous bit of fun taken out of context.

    • Yeap. as it was mentioned in another post, Pique was one of the most drunk players during the parade. My cousin, who is an Arsenal fan, also specifically told me that was the funniest part when I showed her the video! Well, even an Arsenal fan doesn’t take it seriously.

  9. I love the pics you posted! And I didn’t get the joke about Albiol until I looked it up: … I guess you add friends on your Blackberry with their PIN! I can totally imagine Albiol asking everyone for theirs… the fanatic of Blackberries!

    I’ve watched the video too many times.

  10. The flag Xabi had–was that Real Sociedad? Or something to do with San Sebastian?

    And do we know what happened to his leg?

  11. Unamadridista, thank you thank you thank you ! Your site is an immense gift to those of us who do not speak Spanish. Very selfishly, I hope you continue. Tell us how the jugadores are feted in their own towns and villages.
    Everything has shown that this is a team with a big heart. It is the world’s most endearing team in history.
    Pepe Reina is a national treasure. He is the team’s own Ali G !
    And let’s not make a whole lèse Majesté case out of the Cesq t-shirt story. The boys were cutting up. it was the moment. How can anyone seriously hold it against them? How introspective is any of you when you are partying with 300,000 other people?

  12. I don’t know what’s better, the things you translate and post, or your comments to them. This blog never fails to cheer me up, muchas gracias for that!

  13. Thanks so much for this! I’ve been lurking on here for quite a while. I absolutely love this blog. Thank you so much for everything! You’re the reason why my mom thinks I’m going to bed at 1 or 2 AM, but in reality, I go to sleep at 3~4 AM (I’m addicted to looking through all the posts on here on my phone under my blanket :D) haha…but all that lack of sleep is worth it!

    Anyway, I watched a video of this with subtitles on Youtube, but your translations are much more accurate.

    Is it weird that I always cry/tear up when I get up to Pepe’s part (Twenty three. With a headache that I can’t handle anymore, this humble speaker who’s speaking to you from his heart.)? It’s so heartwarming! You can tell he has such a big heart. I want to hug him :)

  14. PS: I must say this, I LOVE that Pepe found such a sweet, meaningful tribute to Nando particularly after he’s had such an injury-plagued World Cup and people were grumbling about his form.

  15. se mata por un pin

    the pin is a code that blackberrys have. if someone gives you their pin you will be able to chat with that person via blackberry. i’m guessing that albiol asks everyone for their pin/chats a lot using this system.

  16. Thank you so much for your translations! I got a headache trying to make sense of other translations that came out. I love your blog for keeping track of the team, and I love the team for all the heart they got. :)

  17. I cannot thank you enough for this! Pepe Reina is an incredible showman and it’s wonderful to be able to read what he said about everyone! The amount of love and respect the members of this team have for each other is an absolute inspiration.

    As for Cesc, as a Cule I would love to see him at Barcelona, but am I the only one who finds his blindingly white teeth a bit disconcerting? @@

  18. I’ve just been trying to direct the ladies at kickette to your blog…aka my main source for all the shenanigans of the NT! I’ve been following this blog for a while, you deserve some more credit and praise! Thank you for making my football/world cup experience so fun! Don’t stop!

  19. AMAZING. This blog is like the new sliced bread!! I cannot thank you enough for all these posts packed with amusing stories, photos, and up-to-date info!!! The one flaw is that you are a Real Madrid fan, hahaha.

  20. You’ve gotten me very rapidly addicted to your blog. Pepe Reina is hilarious! He already has another career option when he hangs up his boots.

    I like how despite a less than impressive performance from Nando at the World Cup, he still found something incredibly sweet to say about him.

  21. This article making me love the team even more. Thanks conlaroja. Perfect !

  22. Thank you for the translation! Pepe’s speech about Torres made me teary eyed. Pepe looks jolly all the time and he did such a fantastic job with the introductions, letting us know more about the team!

  23. *dies laughing* This is almost better than the last one! I love Pepe’s brain. :D The Cesc joke was a bit in poor taste and not very fair to the guy himself, considering the crap he’s getting at the moment, but well, I guess we shouldn’t read too much into that. Thank you so much for translating the introductions! :D

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