¡campeones! – the promises

I’m about to start posting about Sunday night and yesterday, so in the meantime, to tide you over, here are the promises the players made to Marca, which they all now have to carry out since ¡somos los campeones!  Unfortunately, most of them are quite boring, with one notable exception.

1.  Iker – he preferred out of superstition not to make a promise.

2.  Albiol – learn English.

3.  Piqué – go all out celebrating.

4.  Marchena – promised to carry out what he promised in the Eurocopa – walk the Camino de Santiago.  He also promised to go on a cruise with his family.

5.  Puyol – left the envelope empty because he doesn’t like to make promises.

6.  Iniesta – walk the Camino de Santiago, but didn’t say when.

7.  Villa – he wrote “let the celebration be bigger than the Eurocopa one.”

8.  Xavi – shave all our heads, including those of the journalists.

9.  Torres – walk the Camino de Santiago, but didn’t say when.  [Ok, have to start hanging out in Santiago de Compostela, one of my favorite cities.]

10.  Cesc – he wrote, “I will invite all my friends because I’ve never lived anything like it and I feel like one of them.”

11.  Capdevila – get a tattoo of the World Cup.

12.  Valdés – go all out celebrating with the team.

13.  Mata – do the ruta del Cares in Asturias [another beautiful area!] and travel to California.

14.  Xabi – go around the world.

15.  Sergio – get a tattoo of the World Cup [he might actually go through with this one.]

16.  Busquets – go on vacation to Punta Cana with his friends.

17.  Arbeloa – go one year without drinking Coca Cola.

18.  Pedro – celebrate with his loved ones, travel to Tenerife and somewhere else with his family and friends.

19.  Llorente – go skydiving.

20.  Javi – dye his hair neon pink and go skydiving (naked and without a parachute) [this is my favorite sin duda].

21.  Silva – walk the Virgen del Carmen route to thank her.

22.  Navas – return to Johannesburg with his family and his girlfriend.

23.  Pepe – grow a goatee until Aug. 31 and compose an updated version of “camarero.”


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  1. Yay! Thank you! Can’t wait for the upcoming posts!:-)))

  2. LOL Javi <3

    I have a question: is there a translation for the "camarero"?

  3. Can’t wait to see your translations for Pepe’s Camarero from last night!

  4. thank you!! and pique definitely fulfilled his promise already haha

    campeones campeones!!

    • It’s funny though promising to go all out celebrating. You don’t have to promise that because you’ll end up doing it anyway. Good luck to Arbeloa.

  5. Javi is adorable. Hopefully he’ll go skydiving with Llorente, who can hold on to him so he survives.

  6. Sergio has enough tattoo, i think.
    and i will have fingers cross for Arbeloa – a year without Coca-Cola…
    Pique, Villa and others who promised to make their celeration unforgetable – we need proof, right;)

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