Sergio Ramos at Marca

Sergio Ramos is the cover boy of Marca today and there’s an interview inside.  I guess he’s special enough to warrant an extra interview!  There’s also an article on Marca’s site today explaining why our Sergio is so special.  Here’s one more reason: if Spain wins the World Cup, Sergio will go to the medal ceremony wearing a shirt dedicated to Antonio Puerta, like he did at the Eurocopa two years ago.

As for the interview, unfortunately it’s very football-centric.  If I were the journalist, I’d ask, so Sergio, will you take off your shirt tomorrow if you win or lose?  And, where on your body are you going to get that tattoo of the Cup if you win?

By the way, the red football that Sergio is holding says “Europe is not enough.”

Q:  How does your body react when you realize you’re about to play in the final of the World Cup?

A:  I get goosebumps.  It’s a desire that I’ve had since I was small, since I started dreaming of becoming a footballer.  I’ve always seen great national teams lifting the World Cup and now it’s us that can do it.

Q:  Have you imagined what it will be like to touch the trophy?

A:  Yes, it’s a dream I’ve had since I started representing my country.

Q:  What kind of game are you going to play tomorrow?

A:  It’s a game for all of Spain, it’s the moment for an entire country.  It’s the most important game of our lives.  Eleven of us will play, but also 47 million Spaniards.  We know what repercussions the final has.  We feel the affection of the fans.  The 12th player is all of Spain and we hope they’ll enjoy it.

Q:  Can you imagine what it will be like in Madrid on Monday?

A:  I have an idea, but I’m sure it’ll come up short.  We have the experience of the Eurocopa two years ago, which was crazy.  I suppose this time it will be multiplied by three.

Q:  Which message of support has given you the most hope?

A:  That of my family, but seeing people who aren’t doing well but identify with the team gives you strength and support.

Q:  How are you physically, are you sleeping well?

A:  I want the game to come already!  The uncertainty makes you anxious.  I can sleep, but I spend all day thinking about the game.

Q:  How about the Netherlands?

A:  They’ve done a lot to show they belong in the final.  Their World Cup campaign has been extraordinary.  I’m happy they’re in the final because I have teammates and friends on the team, such as Robben, Sneijder, Huntelaar and van der Vaart.  There are great players on that team.

Q:  You’re going to have go face Robben.

A:  That’s the good thing about the World Cup, that you can match up against the best in the world.  That happened to us against Portugal with Cristiano and against Germany with Podolski.  The beautiful thing about football is being able to play against these types of players.


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  1. What a horrible picture they chose:O

    I really really hope Spain wins tomorrow!! And it makes me tear up that Sergio would wear a shirt for Antonio Puerta again.

  2. oh sergio! my favortie madrid man and my favorite spaniard. i am so nervous and excited for tomorrow. i really hope he gets a goal tomorrow! he’s been so close so many times!

    vamos espana!!!

  3. I finally figured out what it is about Sergio Ramos that is so familiar… he looks like a Native American. Dress him in mocassins and a feathered headband, and put him on an Appaloosa horse = instant Cherokee tribesman. He can raid my camp any time he wants…

  4. love sergio ramos! he’s really a sentimental guy!

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