the locker room visit video

I’m sure most of you have seen this video already, but I just wanted to post about it as it is A CLASSIC.  If you didn’t love these guys before, you will after watching this video.  Previous post about the visit here.

Here is the play-by-play, which is ONLY made up of STELLAR moments.

One. The players clap when Queen Sofía enters (she says “bueno, que maravilla, ¡enhorabuena!” [well, how marvelous, congratulations]), and Iker throws whatever is in his hands onto the ground.  He’s wearing slippers and socks.

Two. Piqué attempts to pull his shirt down, but doesn’t have time before the queen turns to him and he has to resume clapping (and a picture is taken).  Albiol is later seen helping Piqué get his shirt down.  That’s teamwork!

Three. Cesc and Javi Martínez (in Torres’ place) don’t stand at first but due to peer pressure, stand up eventually – (or else, they had to confer with each other as to who she was and why it would be a good idea to stand up).  Capdevila and then Javi convince Cesc to do so.  Cesc whispers something to Javi.

Four. Sergio Ramos kicks stuff out of the queen’s path (while – boooo – making sure his towel stays on tight).  He motions for Iker to do the same.  Capdevila starts dancing as the players start chanting.  Arbeloa and Pedro help to clean up some more after the queen almost trips (she seems to be doing a lot of that lately).

Five. Sofiá starts shaking hands from Llorente down (she says fantástico, enhorabuena).  Fernando Torres and Xabi are MIA.  Xabi’s actually behind the queen as she arrives, but can’t cross in front of her to get to his locker.  Someone says, “¡un beso a Xabi!” (a kiss for Xabi!) as she is shaking hands and passes by Xabi’s locker, where someone else is.  She almost trips over a shoe again.  People behind her, including Iker, frantically try to clear the floor.

Six. She sneaks a touch of Iker’s bare skin.  Who can blame her?

Seven. The queen has to be told that there are more players behind her that need to receive her congratulations: Silva, Navas and Pepe Reina.  It must be because Silva and Navas are so small that she didn’t see them.

Eight. Puyol comes out in only a towel, since, as he would explain one day later, he had been icing his knee.  The players act like the little kids that they are and make noises and chant his name (¡Puyi, Puyi!  ¡Puyi, Puyi!) as Puyol heads to his locker.

Nine. Xabi appears on the scene, taking advantage of all the attention being on the queen and Puyi’s towel to move to the side.  Xabi’s the only one that can match the queen in class and regality.

Ten. In her speech, the queen says she would like to thank everyone on behalf of the entire royal family (the king, the prince/princess, the infantas and her grandchildren) and all of Spain and that it was marvelous.

Eleven. The player start chanting “¡Fernando!,” I guess because he finally appears.

Twelve. The queen claps and says “enhorabuena” when Vicente del Bosque appears.  Capdevila dances.  Sergio shows some bad taste and spits his water out onto the floor.

Thirteen. The queen says she’s leaving, and says she’ll be there to cheer them on in Johannesburg on Sunday.

I am so impressed by Doña Sofía for managing to remain so composed in a room full of half-naked hot guys who also happen to make up the best football team in the world.  And also so impressed by the guys for trying to clean up their mess for her.

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  1. I can’t get enough of this video! Queen Sofia rocks! Can you imagine the Queen of England EVER doing this?!

  2. Lol have you seen the Iker vid from the match……

  3. what a hoot. thanks for posting this. they are adorkable :) love pique’s flustering with his shirt. sergio probably spit out that gulp of water because he was nervous. i would be too. ohhh xabi, so composed. he’s a dream as ususal!! yes, the queen seems so down-to-earth and sweet.

  4. “Xabi’s the only one that can match the queen in class and regality.”

    That is so true, lol

  5. I love Iniesta! he is so cool ^^

  6. I’d happily volunteer to help Cesc with his manner! that naughty boy –‘ .. did he even know who she was? lol

    Xabi even claps the right way! he is just perfect *_*

    lol @ Silvas’ face…. he was left out, poor little pony

    thanks for posting :)

  7. oooo thank you so much, its even better now (didn’t think that was possible) having read the detail!! could watch this a hundred times and still pick up on funny new random things…never gets old. LOVE it, love them!!

    hoping media already did iker, sergio el pais q&a and just waiting for right moment :)

  8. Sad YouTube is nt workin n cudnt see it…But the step by step description was perfect n I cn just imagine How nice it cud be :D :D….

    N I faint Every single time I seee piqué back–>>>> perfect curve …..
    Xabi is Mr Perfect …..
    N I cn go on say abt each n ebry one of SNT even bosque :p
    octopus Paul is on our side ….soooooo goooo ESP worldcup in ur hands..

  9. ijirowh9ijp34t

    hahahahhaha too gooodddddddd
    love these boysss <3

  10. Thank you for the play by play account! :) The video is so full of cuteness! I wonder why Cesc was taking so long to stand!

    Ramos must be used to clearing his room in a hurry when his mom pops by <3

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