the rest of the world catches on to what we have known for a long time

There’s an interesting article in The New York Times about how fashion designers are keeping their eyes on footballers in the World Cup to be the “new batch of potential underwear models and fragrance pitchmen.”

According to the article, menswear designer Simon Spurr’s money is on Fernando Torres.  This is how Fernando is described: “the sometimes-blond striker for Spain with boy-band looks who already has his own watch collection and an autobiography.”

Meanwhile, Iker is described as “a goalie who looks like a Spanish Josh Hartnett and was dubbed by People (of all people) as “the next big thing.””  Mexican designer Christian Cota says, “Iker definitely has the potential to be turned into a ‘brand,’ much like Ronaldo or Beckham.”

No, Iker is much better looking than Josh Harnett.  And sorry People magazine, but Iker reached the status of “big thing” back in 2002, if not earlier.  But please, someone sign Iker up for an underwear campaign?

Anyway, way to jump on the bandwagon, designers.  I bet once the World Cup is over and the excitement dies down, they’ll quickly forget about these boys.  And I could have saved you a lot of time and effort by just handing you a list.  After all, the Spanish national team is basically only made up of hot guys.


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  1. WORD.

    That “next big thing” comment by People… funny. I guess I’m glad for the new attention they’re getting (our boys deserve it!), but there’s something about the way people (like People) put it that feels a bit diminishing.

    Anyway, whooooooo!!! Still amped about the win! We’re going all the way!:-))))

  2. *Anyway, way to jump on the bandwagon, designers. I bet once the World Cup is over and the excitement dies down, they’ll quickly forget about these boys. And I could have saved you a lot of time and effort by just handing you a list. After all, the Spanish national team is CHOCK FULL of hot guys.

    MTE! You have no idea, lol. Well this is what the World Cup brings, huh?

    Anyway, I would love to see Xabi & Iker in a underwear campaign;)

  3. Both Fernando and Iker are in my top ten hot men collage in my college dorm and have been there for the past 4 years. Its sad that only now, girls who walk by and see it realize who they are.

    But yes, underwear campaigns would be spiffy ^_^

    • Yeah talk about jumping on the bandwagon. Some girls are even into Villa now just because of his amazing tournament so far. Um, Villa has always been amazing girls.

      • I agree everyone is only realising how great villa is now. saying its because El Niño isnt at his best. Villa has always been really good… He was just underrated.

      • I absolutely AGREE!!! And carla here is sooo soo right.. Villa is finally getting what he deserves :)

  4. Josh Hartnett, really? He’s not even that good looking, and Iker is like the pinnacle of male beauty. Maybe I am just shocked that Josh Hartnett is considered a reference point these days.

  5. No, please no! Do not sell out to evil corporations! I much appreciate that they remain on the scared field of football.

  6. Nah, Iker as a fashion model will never happen. He has, like, ZERO fashion sense. Dude doesn’t have a clue how to dress – either that, or he just doesn’t care. Just look at all of his outfits that have made it into Kickette!

    To be honest that’s one of the things I love about him. Despite his looks and his success, he still seems very humble and down to earth. :)

    • LOL so true! Plus they all seem down to earth. Well everyone except Ramos.. but well, it’s THE RAMOS, as they say in kickette :D
      (totally love kickette)

  7. Hmmmm Iker as a fashion model idk about that but I wouldn’t complain if I saw him,

    Americans *not all just the one’s talking here* are extremely slow to only just realize this, There is so much hotness in football that they obviously don’t know about and also i doubt most would be that interested lol

    • that is so true! theres like only 3 people in my grade that watch/obsess over football, and their hot players! Give me a spanish hottie over justin bieber anyday :P

  8. Spanish team- the best looking squad ever! but, I’m a fan of football, game and spirit, of course it’s nice to see hot guys on pitch, but it’s not essential to enjoy games:)

  9. Isn’t the watch collection Puyol’s? Or does Nando have one aswell?

  10. I read that article and it implies that these men are new to the world stage – that they are being discovered for the first time. Wellll – we who have been around a while know that these guys have been posing in magazines for years. LIke you said -Iker was the next big thing in 2002….. Here in America, there are many who are anti-Euro, and are as smug as they believe Europeans to be… They are caricatures, really. Now that the vuvuzela has made soccer popular here, the girls are seeing these hotties for the first time and jumping on the bandwagon…

    • I totally agree! I live in America and yes, they are so late in just finding out who the hotties are in the world of football. It just ticks me off when girls are obsessing over cristiano ronaldo (but he is hot though :D) but they know little to nothing about him or the club he plays for, and yet they claim they know everything about him >:| its also wierd of how not many people in america realize that we truly love football and they think we are dillusional or something… (never calling it soccer ever! even in america) but anyways… love the guys no matter what!!

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