a visit to the locker room

Remember how I told you that Doña Sofía visited the locker room of our team to congratulate them on getting to the World Cup finals?  Well, now we have some pictures, via QMD!

Oh Iker, couldn’t you at least take your undershirt off?  I know you were meeting the queen, but Puyi met her topless, and you know he is the definition ofcool.  AND he’s only wearing a towel on his bottom half, let’s hope that it’s on tight…

And don’t even get me started on Iker’s slippers…

Meanwhile, Piqué copies the Cesc look (that’s what I’m going to call it from now on), with his shirt half on, half off.  Even the queen can’t seem to take her eyes off of him…

I also liked how the players were lined up by number in front of their lockers when the queen visited.  They must have been told to keep their places.

Let’s hope more pictures are forthcoming!


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  1. awww, pique is so adorable. as to the slippers look, i try to excuse it when it is in the locker room, after the game… their feet must be sore after the battle on the field for an hour and a half!! squeezing their feet into tight shoes is probably the last thing they want to do after a game. however, as a street outfit, a la beckham, well that’s definitely a no-no.
    anyway, yes, pique, he’s such a character… with a very attractive bum. oh my, he’s 4 years younger than me!! does that make me a pedophile? xabi is still my #1 but pique has this boyish charm and is growing on me.

  2. thanks for sharing it! LOL Puyol looks funny in this towel, what a lack of respect to a queen, LOL I can’t stop smilling, Piuqe is cool too, but Iker, hmmm Sara should teach him how NOT to dress, and look at this messy floor! btw I’ve spotted safes in lockers, I guess a lot of watches, rings and priceless Ipods are inside:)

  3. Ohmygod. I wonder what the queen thinks of Puyol, all (not) dressed like that. xD!
    Also, Piqué is beautiful. Seriously. Just look at the curve of his back…

  4. Awwww Pique is soooooooooooooooooooooo hotttttttttttttt cooooooooooooool……..n yeh agree wid comment above look at those curve …..
    Think I m gona die here :D

  5. Pique is so unbelievable tasty…. The queen can’t take eyes off of Gerard and Iker seems to be jealous ;)
    and what a mess there is! :D

  6. Que monos todos con la reina jaja
    Ojalá se le hubiese caido esa toalla a puyol xd’
    Quería decirte que he encontrado dos videos que no sé si los tendrás ya pero por si acaso te los dejo:
    http://www.sport.es/default.asp?idpublicacio_PK=44&idioma=CAS&idnoticia_PK=721491&idseccio_PK=1585 y http://www.sport.es/home_videos.asp?idVideo=7990&tipoList=fecha
    Uno es de cuando la reina está en el vestuario y el otro del video motivacional que hizo Arbeloa

  7. There is also a cool extended video of the visit and you see the players kicking all their stuff on the floor out of the way!! Hahaha they’re a pretty messy bunch. I swear I saw Sergio Ramos spitting water on to the floor toward the end of the video :p In front of the Queen!


  8. this is too funny! I mean all videos, with such mess on floor etc, but what can we expect from such silly boys:P poor Puyi:P

    • That’s just terrible…

    • I can’t read Spanish, but I think I got the jist of that article. How awful :/ just when they were on such a high after qualifying to the finals, this happens :|
      On the other hand, I think it’s physically impossible for Gerard to be any more attractive!

  9. ay no puedo, ay no puedo ni siquiera decir esto en ingles… el video de los chicos en el vestuario!!! los agarraron in fragantiiiiii ayyy que risaaaaaa estoy llorando sergio pateando cosas, piqué no sabia si bajarse la camisa o seguir aplaudiendo.. no tiene precio!! gracias… GRACIAS!!!!

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