once upon a time…

With babies on the mind this weekend (thanks to a certain Cristiano Ronaldo), here are some pictures of our internationals in their younger days via Marca.

Of course Sergio Ramos would be wearing light blue (denim?) shorts and have matching sneakers.  I almost didn’t recognize Pepe Reina (and it’s not just the hair), and Marchena is absolutely adorable!  Is he holding the plastic ball he was talking about here?  Little Busi is also cute!  I also love Xabi and David Villa’s bowl haircuts!  (David’s head looks a bit like a palloza, without the pointy bit on top of course.)  And Fernando Torres looks EXACTLY the same as he does now, except the hair is darker, as does Geri, although his picture is more recent.  And check out little Xavi and little Cesc, already Barça’s captains at those early ages, while that’s probably the most tan Andrés has ever been.  And Iker’s smile makes me smile.


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  1. they are too precious!!! thanks for posting these :)

    nando was such a gorgeous child

  2. Omg that so true what you said; Fernando looks still the same, beautiful and cute haha

  3. OMG Torres looks soooooo cute!! >.<

  4. omgg i love these boys!
    villa’s hair!
    torres is perfection as always
    and xavi is also adorable!!!!
    pique has not changed

  5. aww they r all so cute! villa looks like he was a trouble maker lol! and sergio ramos looks like a model ;)

  6. i wonder if i’ll ever see a pic of albiol as a kid. there are a pair of him as a teenager and that’s it haha

  7. Sergio has always been so wrongly fashioned hahaha
    Pepe? is that really him, so hard to believe
    Bussi, I’m still lol’ing at that pic! he looks so lost
    Iker looks like a perv, kind of biting his lip and thinking “I’ll bite u” hahahahaha
    Marchena and Fernando are the cutest ones ♥

  8. How freaking adorable. Villa with the bowl haircut. Too cute!

  9. oh -my-god!!!
    xavi is lovely!!! i dont know if i’m the only one but i started to think that xavi is one of the cutest and sympathic players in la roja! his interviews are always funny and smart, everyone thinks there is something special about him, he definitely feels the team spirit, doesnt try to be like a hero and try impossible shots like cristiano ronaldo does and it seems like his feet are still on the ground!! such a great player!!
    by the way does cristiano ronaldo really have a son?? whats the latest news??

  10. Xavi is the best:) Villa looks so funny:P

  11. These are adorable!! I hope you don’t mind if I take them and post them elsewhere??

  12. Ooooohh,,, they are so adorable!! Torres is the cutest one. <3

  13. AAAH! Torres is like a bucket of lovely! And Pepe with hair? What? =)

  14. YouNeverWalkAlone

    Reina, Villa, and Busquets I had trouble recognizing, but now that I think about it David Villa’s smile is the same. XXXDD And doesnt Torres still look like that?! Ahhhh he is the cutest, him and Pique and then Ramos and Xavi.

    Iker looks so adorkable. :)

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