23 preguntas – part four

In this edition, Piqué makes a prediction, Valdés shows his lack of knowledge of World Cup history but a lot of love for windsurfing, Marchena gives some good and detailed answers, and Pedro reveals a bit too much information about his sex life.

The count:  Zidane 16, Materazzi 0.  It’s also Nelson Mandela 15/16 for question number 19 (Capdevila couldn’t name any one).

I LOVE THESE GUYS (these four, and the other 19 as well).

1. What is the first memory you have of a World Cup?

Piqué: The 1994 World Cup in the U.S., Baggio’s goal, the elbow to Luis Enrique…

Valdés: The World Cup in the U.S.  I had an operation and since I had to stay in bed, I watched the entire tournament.

Marchena: I don’t have anything specific in mind, but I remember watching the games at home on TV with my father.

Pedro: The World Cup in France, the final which France won.

2. A memory of the last World Cup?

Piqué: Ribéry’s goal.  You can’t forget that.

Valdés: The quarterfinals between France and Brazil, and Argentina and Germany.  Then I remember the final, the head-butt, and above all, the penalty that Zidane took a la Panenka.

Marchena: I have a bittersweet taste because we were playing well but France eliminated us.  A memory?  The goal that got us kicked out.

Pedro: The final and all that occurred with the penalties, the expulsion of Zidane.

3. Did you ever dream of playing in a World Cup?

Piqué: I think that’s obligatory for anyone who likes football.

Valdés: You always dream of being here.  Only the elite is here, and you aspire to be here as well.

Marchena: Of course.  When you’re small, it seems like something very far away, but in the end I’ve had the luck to make my dream become a reality.

Pedro: Yes, of course.  It was a dream and a desire.

4. The best player of all time?

Piqué: I sincerely believe Messi is already the best of all time.  That’s a bit risky to say, but that’s how I see it.

Valdés: Now it’s Messi and Iniesta.  Of all time, Zidane.

Marchena: Desailly, the French defender, has always impressed me.

Pedro: Maradona.

5. What did you do on June 29, 2008?

Piqué: What was I going to do?  Watch and enjoy the final of the Eurocopa.

Valdés: Watch TV and celebrate Spain’s success.

Marchena: That was the day of the final.  What I did was make a lot of people happy, with the entire country behind us.

Pedro: I don’t remember, I was at home… (reacts).  Of course, I watched the final of the Eurocopa and celebrated it with my family.

6. Materazzi or Zidane?

Piqué: Zidane, of course.

Valdés: Zidane.

Marchena: both are good at their positions, but the truth is Zidane is more talented.

Pedro: Zidane.

7. Do you remember what happened with Cardeñosa?  [In the 1978 World Cup, he missed an open goal against Brazil in the group stage and Spain was eliminated.]

Piqué: How would I remember it, since I wasn’t even born yet.  I’ve seen it but I can’t say anything.  I wasn’t born yet.

Valdés: I’ve seen it on TV, but I can’t tell you anything else.  Was he alone?

Marchena: Yes, I’ve seen it.  That’s football and everything should be forgiven.  You have to know how to forgive errors in football.

Pedro: People have mentioned it to me, but I haven’t seen it.

8. Do you know who Al Gandour is?

Piqué: Yes, the one that got us kicked out of Korea.

Valdés: The referee that officiated the game in Korea.

Marchena: A referee that didn’t have his best day.

Pedro: A very controversial referee, the one that kicked us out of the World Cup in Korea.

9. Would you go on vacation to South Africa?

Piqué: I have a trip to India to fulfill, and I’ve never thought of going to South Africa.

Valdés: Yes, and I have it in mind because I like windsurfing a lot and Cape Town is one of the best places in the world to practice it.  A friend of mine was there and one day I’d like to go as well.

Marchena: If the trip is well-organized, of course.  It’s a possibility.

Pedro: It’s a possibility, but before that I would like to go to Bali.

10. Which country has the most World Cup titles?  [Brazil.]

Piqué: Brazil.

Valdés: Germany.

Marchena: Brazil.

Pedro: Brazil.

11. What are you thinking of doing on July 11?

Piqué: I hope to still be in South Africa and playing in the final.  That wouldn’t be bad.

Valdés: I hope we’re playing in the final of the World Cup.

Marchena: That’s still far away, but I hope and desire to be competing.

Pedro: I hope with all my heart to be competing in and playing in the final of the World Cup.

12. Who would you take to the World Cup?

Piqué: My girlfriend, my family.

Valdés: My wife, because I’m sure she would love to experience the atmosphere at a World Cup.

Marchena: My father, because he’s the person that enjoys watching football the most, watching his son and experiencing this atmosphere.

Pedro: (Does not hesitate) My family.

13. Who are Spain’s rivals in group H?

Piqué: Switzerland, Honduras and Chile (without hesitating).

Valdés: Switzerland, Honduras and Chile (without hesitating).

Marchena: Switzerland, Honduras and Chile.

Pedro: [Since the group stage is over, Pedro was asked “What was your first football kit?]  Barcelona’s (laughs).

14. Who has scored the most number of goals in World Cup history?  [Ronaldo.]

Piqué: Ronaldo.

Valdés: Ronaldo.

Marchena: Ronaldo.

Pedro: Pelé.

15. Books, cards or videogames?

Piqué: I prefer ping-pong, some poker and books.

Valdés: I’m very much into movies and the Internet.

Marchena: I like to read and share information online.  I don’t like cards or Play.  Right now I’m studying English and using the free time for that.

Pedro: Computer and movies.

16. It will be the World Cup of…

Piqué: Spain, though you have to be careful with Messi and his Argentina.

Valdés: Spain and I hope Iniesta.  Actually, I desire it to be like that.

Marchena: South Africa, without a doubt.  It was an opportunity for a country and a continent to do something big, and so I think the big winner will be South Africa.  They deserve it.  I hope and desire that everything goes well and that it’ll be a success.  Behind it all is a growing country that deserves it.

Pedro: Of Spain and of Villa.

17. What is the World Cup for you?

Piqué: There’s nothing like it.

Valdés: The maximum.

Marchena: It’s an opportunity to help to do something big, with the entire country by your side.  In the World Cup, no one wants to go and the entire world wants to come.  The whole world wants to be there and shine.

Pedro: The maximum.  It’s held every four years and it’s a unique event.

18. What happened that unforgettable night in Querétaro?  [Spain beat Denmark 5-1 in the round of 16 of the 1982 World Cup, with Emilio Butragueño scoring four of the goals.]

Piqué: What night?

Valdés: I’m not sure what you’re talking about.  I don’t think I was born yet.

Marchena: I don’t know.

Pedro: No idea… the four goals of Butragueño.

19. Name of a South African legend?

Piqué: Nelson Mandela.

Valdés: Nelson Mandela.

Marchena: Nelson Mandela.

Pedro: Nelson Mandela.

20. Who is the Spanish referee in this World Cup?  [Undiano.]

Piqué: Undiano.

Valdés: Undiano.

Marchena: Undiano.

Pedro: Undiano.

21. Will Maradona be positive in the World Cup?

Piqué: No, I’m sure he won’t.

Valdés: Yes, in terms of coaching because of how Argentina is playing.  In other ways, I don’t think so.

Marchena: I don’t care what he does, but what I do want to make clear is that players and coaches should be role models.  We have an extra responsibility because of that.

Pedro: I don’t think so.

22. Safe sex in the World Cup?  (here, the word “safe” is the same as the word for “sure” as in a sure thing.)

Piqué: Safe sex in the World Cup?  No sex for sure.

Valdés: Safe sex always, in the World Cup and at all times.

Marchena: For us, no sex because we can’t and because we shouldn’t.  Also, our significant others aren’t here.  And you have to study and attempt to help solve the problem that these countries have with AIDS.

Pedro: Sex for sure because my girlfriend is here.  I hope to have some free time soon.

23. You’re the champions, what will you do?

Piqué: Something crazy.  It’ll come to me.

Valdés: Celebrate it and have a good time with my teammates.

Marchena: The first thing will be to give thanks to everyone who helped us to succeed in doing something big.

Pedro: Give myself a good vacation and do something crazy with the team.


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  1. Homeskillet17

    Pedro: Sex for sure because my girlfriend is here. I hope to have some free time soon.

    hahahahahah i literally gasped out loud at that! LOL! who knew pedro was so honest :P

  2. LOL omg Pedrito!!

  3. OMG!!
    Where do you get that picture of the team??
    I’ve always wanted one of all of them!

  4. OMG this is so fantastic!!! Thank you sooo much for uplowding all of this :)
    was this interview filmed? :p

    ahhh i love the whole team but pique is just sooo amazing <3

  5. Awe Valdes Q16. Glad it turned out true for you. Well it was also for the whole team for whose efforts they would not have won.

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