Xavi – El País Q&A

We’re starting to get the heavyweights!  Today we have Xavi.  (If you’re keeping track at home, Iker and Sergio are so far the only ones that have not done any of the following: the El País Q&A, the Marca interview, the El Confidencial 23 preguntas.)

This is THE BEST ONE so far!  I had to keep myself from practically highlighting everything, since almost all of Xavi’s answers were either interesting, funny or both!  I’ve even highlighted one in pink for the first time, since it’s the winner of winners.

The amount of love I have for Xavi – already quite a bit – has just increased exponentially.  And you can imagine how hard that must be for me, as a madridista.

Q:  Can you recommend me a food shack on the beach?

A:  Any along the Costa Brava.

Q:  Would you ban bullfighting?

A:  I respect those who wish to watch it, but I’ve never seen a bullfight in my life, since there is no ball… [his obsession with football comes out once again!]

Q:  What gets on your nerves?

A:  When you’re telling me something and you stop in the middle.  You know, when someone asks you a question, and you ask them, “so where is this going?” and they reply, “I’ll tell you later.”  Tell me or don’t ask me!

[Q:  Do you know what a scrum is?

A:  They didn’t ask this one!  Now I need to know if Xavi knows what a scrum is or not!]

Q:  Do you remember what was your first kiss like?

A:  Yes!  It was a spectacular experience.

Q:  What do you play on Play?

A:  Nothing, I don’t play.  I play futbolín.

Q:  Nesquik or Cola Cao?

A:  I don’t care.  The bad thing about Cola Cao is that it doesn’t dissolve in milk.  Try it, you’ll see.  [Oh, I know, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve choked on a dry lump of Cola Cao while drinking.  I guess that’s why they have Cola Cao Turbo!]

Q:  How many watches do you own?

A:  A few, and all were gifts.  I’ve never bought one in my life.  I don’t use them, they bother me.

Q:  What were your first boots like?

A:  Patrick Silvers.  They were really trendy…

Q:  How long has it been since you went to the circus?

A:  I go to Cirque du Soleil every year.

Q:  How long does the pregnancy of a whale last?

A:  Almost two years, 20 months.

Q:  Do you know who Katalinski was?

A:  A Yugoslavian player that kicked us out of the World Cup in 1974.  [Football nerd!!!]

Q:  Where was Iribar born?

A:  In Bilbao.

Q:  Who did you ask for an autograph when you were a kid?

A:  N’Kono, one day when Espanyol played in Terrassa.

Q:  What is your dog’s name?

A:  Tiro, but he doesn’t live with me.

Q:  Why have shows with midgets in the bullfighting ring in Zaragoza been prohibited?

A:  So does that mean I can’t perform?  [Jajajajajajajaja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Q:  Which player has kicked you the most?

A:  I don’t get too many kicks.

Q:  Why hasn’t the Constitutional Court passed the Estatut [the Statute of Autonomy of Cataluña]?

A:  Because they can’t come to an agreement.  We’re asking for some things and they don’t want to give those to us.

Q:  What year did apartheid end?

A:  The year?  I don’t know, the beginning of the ’90s.  [You just have to relate this to football somehow, and then Xavi will know.]

Q:  What was the name of Pippi Longstocking’s horse?

A:  Damn!  It was white, with spots, and it was called Señor tío… No!!  Pequeño tío!  [Señores y señoras, we have a winner!!!]

Q:  Have you been able to get a reservation at elBulli?

A:  I went one time.  It was spectacular.

Q:  What’s the last TV series you’ve become addicted to?

A:  Uf!  Everything!  From The Fresh Prince of Bel Air to El Cor de la Ciutat.  I like comedies.

Q:  If it weren’t for the World Cup, why would you go to South Africa?

A:  For a safari.  I like animals.

Q:  What does your town have that Johannesburg doesn’t?

A:  Bars with futbolín.  I haven’t seen a futbolín table in South Africa, there aren’t any.

Q:  How many years was Mandela imprisoned?

A:  I don’t know, a lot, more than 20.

Q:  Do you know what an Afrikaner is?

A:  No.

Q:  What is the name of Chile’s captain?

A:  Bravo, the goalkeeper.

Q:  Does a lion or a hippo kill more people?

A:  The hippo, so I was told.

Q:  How are you doing in the porra of the team?

A:  I’m on top, fighting for the title, but there is a lot of competition.

Q:  To be a Spanish international, do you have to know how to play pocha?

A:  No, I have no idea how to play.  I enjoy watching them, but I don’t understand it at all.

Q:  What position did Xabi Alonso’s father play?

A:  Like his son, as a midfielder.


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  1. Can anybody explain what is “futbolín”. It is a sort of a game, no?

  2. And what a scrum is? Nobody answers this question, maybe anybody knows?

  3. Thanks once again.

  4. I feel stupid asking this but does La Porra mean?

  5. i love him tooo!! omg i dont know which player i love more now hahahah! soooo funny!

  6. awwww my adorable midget. I love him so much, and he’s so funny lol!

  7. oh god I love funny funny men! Xavi is too adorable!
    didn’t he say he was single? maybe i should let him know I’m single too hahahahaha
    Xavi would hate me for having too much Madridista pride! but since we are both football obsessed we might even have good discussion on some Barça-Madrid matters

    thanks for posting this is great :)

  8. Can you recommend me a food shack on the beach?

    Barcelona, Barcelona is a food shack on the Beach.

  9. fresh prince of bel air ftw

  10. love this guy! one of the most inteligent players in the world:)

  11. So funny – I always call barcelona and seleccion midfielders the midgets and he’s my favourite midget. I loved him before for his smarts + skills on the pitch but now I REALLY love him.

  12. This man is so great that it goes beyond greatness.
    I adore him. Actually, I adore every single one of them.

  13. Q: Do you remember what was your first kiss like?
    A: Yes! It was a spectacular experience.

    Q: Why have shows with midgets in the bullfighting ring in Zaragoza been prohibited?
    A: So does that mean I can’t perform? [Jajajajajajajaja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

    Q: Why have shows with midgets in the bullfighting ring in Zaragoza been prohibited?
    A: So does that mean I can’t perform? [Jajajajajajajaja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]


  14. i luuuuuuuuuurv it! so smart.. i wonder what’s his IQ is.. anyone knows??

  15. Xavi, I love you – but you SHOULD know what an Afrikaner is, you went to South Africa D: Afrikaans people were the Dutch settlers in South Africa – they’re kind of like…how Catalans are to Spain (not quite but lol that’s all I can come up with), Afrikaners are to South Africa :D I actually wrote the final Afrikaans exam today – to learn the language is compulsory in SA schools.

    Aww, he’s adorable. Whyyy did he have to go to Johannesburg – he should have come to Cape Town!!! Dude, then we could have eloped.

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