in case you missed it – Chile vs. Spain

The best part of the game was the Spain won, so we didn’t have to figure out all the possible scenarios with regards to goal difference, winning margins, etc.

One. Game notes:  Villa is tied for pichichi, and both the captains were goalies, and La Liga goalies at that.  It nearly broke my heart to see Xabi in so much pain and limping off the field.  I remember thinking, 2/3 of the way through, thank goodness that Piqué is still alright and has not required any medical attention.  Poor David Silva, who wasn’t able to get into the game.

Two. Outfit notes: Iker played the entire game with the drawstring of his shorts untied – I can’t be the only one waiting for them to fall off, can I? -, and Puyol was the only brave one who opted out of wearing something under his shirt – and thus the only one we got to see bare-chested (and a nice chest it was).  Oh, and I really, really want a “Ramos 15” headband.  And I liked the blue shirt, white shorts combo.  The blue shirt reminded me of this classic video.

David Villa’s boots, the F5 from Adidas, has the names of his two daughters – Zaida and Olaya -, the number 7 and the emblem D&P (David & Patricia) on them.  Also, there is the the flag of Spain on the left one and the flag of Asturias on the right one.  These are also the lightest boots in the world, weighing in at 165 grams.

Three. Did you notice that some of the players didn’t celebrate Iniesta’s goal?  Fernando Torres was on the ground after getting fouled, and Xavi was busy trying to keep Sergio from getting into a fight or getting carded!

Four. Iker’s such a good captain.  As the first half ended, he walked over to center circle to talk with the referee, after ripping off his neck warmer.  At the end of the game, he called all the players back onto the field so that they could applaud the fans.  And of course, he yelled and gave directions to his defense.

Five. Watch a video here of the players in the tunnel, before heading out onto the field.  We get to see Ineista being called Andrew, Piqué giving Puyi a shoulder massage and Sergio rallying the troops!  I love Sergio!!!

Six. And lastly, this is my favorite picture from the game.  I love these two, especially together.


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  1. David Villa’s boots, the F5 from Adidas, has the names of his two daughters – Zaida and Olaya -, the number 7 and the emblem D&P (David & Patricia) on them.

    I love that he has that D&P emblem on his boots. A lot of footballers have the names of their children (which is of course very sweet!) but only very few are also honouring their wife or girlfriend. Way to go, David :)

  2. oh and btw I totally love these kind of posts with all the little information about the games! You do an amazing job :)

  3. i don’t know if u realised but once sergio was cleaning the ball with his shirt and he had an under shirt with a message on it in spanish ( i think) for when he scores a goal! i hope he scores soon!!!

  4. LOL. I love that Xavi basically says to the ref “No, I’m taking care of this” and the ref is like “uhhh…OK”.

  5. where can i find those white shorts… ive been looking everywhere.

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