in case you missed it – Spain vs. Honduras

Spain vs. Honduras – June 21, 2010.

I do these “in case you missed it” posts over at my Madrid blog following games, to show the lighter side of the game, and the moments I enjoy the most (these are usually before or after the game).  I thought I’d do the same for Spain!  I didn’t do it for Switzerland because there weren’t too many moments of joy…

One. Iker looked like Christmas had come early!  He also looked quite close with Honduran captain Amado Guevera – they exchanged hugs before and after the game.

Two. Here are some of the manifestations of Iker’s superstitious nature: the clean-shaven look (actually, I just wanted an excuse to post a picture of his perfect profile), the green kit (actually, I just wanted an excuse to post a picture of his ass) and touching el larguero after one of Villa’s goals (actually, I just wanted to post one more picture of Iker).  Click to enlarge!

Three. Poor Piqué!  Spain’s opponents really have it out for him!  In the first half, he got hit in the groin – here you can see the hit, his reaction, and the loosening of the shorts at the end of the half to let the area “breathe.”

And then in the second half, he got smashed in the mouth, and ended the game sporting another bandage, to add to the souvenir he already had from the Swiss game.

Did Geri also lose some teeth?  Pobrecito.

Four. Fernando looked adorable talking to the kid who ushered him out onto the field before the game.  Who looks older?

Five. Xabi stretching before the game.  Need I say more?

Six. The two Liverpool boys, chatting on the bench.  Valdés looks cold.

Seven. The bench’s reaction to Villa’s second goal – I love the team spirit.

Eight. The little wink Arbeloa gave to Sergio Ramos as he came in for him.

Nine. Iker’s goal celebration.  Is he shouting goooooool?  We start and end on Iker!

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  1. I read somewhere that Iker and Amado knew each other 4 years ago when RM was on summer tour in U.S. and that he and his wife took Iker and Eva around NYC.

  2. Thank you for the screen cap of Nando and the kid escorting him. Too cute for words. :)

  3. Hi, where can I find your Madrid blog? I’d love to read it. I check your blog like 10 times a day! Thanks so much for all your hardwork!

  4. Alvaro needs to keep his beard, he looks gorgeous with it. I love his smile.

    I must have stared at that stretching gif for about five minutes. Thanks for that one!:)

  5. One. Iker can u be my Christmas present? lol
    Two. Iker is kind of creepy sometimes with all his rituals. I bet next game he will do everything prior to the game the same way as he did it against Honduras. He will even use the same soap, shampoo and razor xD
    Three. I really hope Pique’s ‘paquete’ is OK because that would be the biggest of the injuries for a man like him. Isn’t he supposed to be the one kicking people and not the other way around though?
    Four. Fernando will one day get arrested for trying to buy alcohol and looking underage lol
    Five. No comment *still staring at it*
    Six. Valdes is not interested! he is putting all his mental power with the guys playing! Or maybe hoping Iker makes a mistake! jk jk lol
    Seven. Javi and Pepe look extra excited. Iniesta looks like a snowman! xD
    Eight. Cutest moment of the game! I love to see “buen rollo” with my Madrid boys. Lovely
    Nine. Iker is kind of violent.. creepy hahahaha

  6. This is wonderful. Thank you for all the work you’re doing here. This is awesome.

  7. that wink from Àlvaro to Sergio is so lovely…. GREAT!!! Thank you!!!


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