Fernando Llorente – El País Q&A

After Raúl Albiol’s very hysterical Q&A comes that of Fernando Llorente.  He doesn’t come close to Albiol in making me laugh, but his is quite adorable – he raised a cat – named Flipper – by feeding it with a baby bottle!

Side note: yesterday, Mikel, his third nephew/niece was born.

Q:  Can you recommend me a food shack on the beach?

A:  Any one in Ibiza…

Q:  Would you ban bullfighting?

A:  No, I like bullfighting.

Q:  What gets on your nerves?

A:  Injustice.

Q:  Do you know what a scrum is?

A:  A South African animal?

Q:  Do you remember your first kiss?

A:  Yes.  Usually the first times don’t go very well.

Q:  What do you have on your iPod?

A:  Lately, Shakira.

Q:  What do you play on Play?

A:  I prefer pocha or poker [oh, you will fit with this team!].

Q:  Nesquik or Cola Cao?

A:  Cola Cao.

Q:  How many watches do you own?

A:  Four or five.

Q:  What were your first boots like?

A:  Munich ones, with the logo in red.

Q:  Italian restaurant or Japanese?

A:  Italian.  I love pasta.

Q:  How long does the pregnancy of a whale last?

A:  A long time.

Q:  Do you know who Katalinski was?

A:  I have no idea.

Q:  Where was Iribar born?

A:  Hold on, he was born in… I know it!  In Zarautz!

Q:  How many games did Zubi play with the national team?

A:  More than 120.

Q:  Who did you ask for an autograph when you were a kid?

A:  Julen Guerrero and Exteberría.

Q:  What is your mobile ringtone?

A:  I always have it on silent [this is becoming a theme!].

Q:  What is your dog’s name?

A:  I don’t have one.  But when I was small I raised a cat using a bottle.  Flipper [oh, that is cute!],

Q:  Why have shows with midgets in the bullfighting ring in Zaragoza been prohibited?

A:  I have no idea.

Q:  Which player has given you the most kicks?

A:  Amorebieta, from the time we were 11.

Q:  What year did apartheid end?

A:  I don’t know.

Q:  What position did Villar play?

A:  I don’t think I had been born yet, but I believe he was a midfielder.

Q:  What was the name of Pippi Longstocking’s horse?

A:  I don’t know, I watched “Baywatch” and “The Simpsons” [he watched “Baywatch”!!!].

Q:  Have you been able to get a reservation at elBulli?

A:  No.  Where is it?  I’ll go, one day.

Q:  What’s the last TV series you’ve become addicted to?

A:  I’m on the eighth episode of the sixth season of “Lost,” and I also watch “Grey’s Anatomy” and “House.”

Q:  If it weren’t for the World Cup, why would you go to South Africa?

A:  To see the country, I’ve been told it’s very pretty.

Q:  How many years was Mandela imprisoned?

A:  I don’t know.

Q:  What does Johannesburg have that your town doesn’t?

A:  I don’t know the city, but I’m sure it doesn’t have as juicy pears as those of my hometown.

Q:  Do you know what an Afrikaner is?

A:  I can say a lot, but I have no clue.

Q:  How many diapers have you changed in your life?

A:  One.  It’s hard, no?

Q:  What is the name of Honduras’ goalkeeper?

A:  I don’t know.


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  1. Lynn van Rooyen

    This guy is so cute!
    I live in Potch, where the team stayed,
    and I really wanted to meet him while they were here!
    But security was so extremely tight, I couldn’t.

    Fernando, if you see this, I also raised wild kittens when I was younger..
    I would really like to meet you one day!
    Good luck for tomorrow, and I hope you get to play!!


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