some random (and probably useless) information

Gossip mag Diez Minutos has two pages on “del BOSSque y su banda” (yeah, I know, very bad), which translates to a few facts about the more famous boys of La Roja.  Some of the information is outdated (for example, it has Xavi still with his girlfriend of 10 years Elsa) so I can’t vouch for the accuracy of it all, but it’s still interesting if true!

Vicente del Bosque

– he’s been married since 1986, and has three children – two boys and a girl.  The youngest one, Álvaro, has Down’s Syndrome.  His father describes him as “a great and happy kid, who makes everyone around him happy.”

Iker Casillas

– his mother is a hairdresser and his father a civil servant.  His family is from Navalacruz (Ávila), and he likes to play mus.  His favorite meal is fried eggs with potatoes and his favorite group is El Canto del Loco.

Fernando Llorente

– his family is from La Rioja, but he was born in Pamplona because his mother gave birth in the hospital where her sister worked.  Fernando studied music theory and plays the clarinet.  His favorite singer is Melendi.  He also likes bullfighting, Play, and spends a lot of money on clothes.

David Silva

– his father used to be a police officer and now works for Valencia, in stadium security.  His mother has Japanese blood.  He lives with his parents, and always carries a photo of his cousin Cynthia, who died when she was three and to whom he dedicates his goals.

Andrés Iniesta

– he travels a lot to his pueblo Fuentealbilla (Albacete), where he has a house – his father, a constructor, supervised the works.  He likes Estopa, and one of the brothers is his neighbor.

Carles Puyol

– he always enters the field on his right foot and never steps on the lines.  Whenever a coach talks about his hair, he always says “no one touches the hair.”  He admires the Dalai Lama.  Carles’ father died in a laboral accident involving an excavator.

Xabi Alonso

– his brother Mikel plays for Tenerife and their brother Jon is a referee.  He loves cooking and is a friend of Karlos Arguiñano.

Gerard Piqué

– he likes to play practical jokes, and has been known to switch his teammates’ yogurts for mashed potato.  He said, “the day I fall in love is the day I’ll get married.”

Sergio Ramos

– he chooses what kind of music the team listens to, with his preferred options being El Barrio, la Niña Pastori and Camarón.  He also likes fashion and bullfighting, and plays tennis and golf.

Xavi Hernández

– he likes going to the movies and playing futbolín.  And when it’s the right season, he likes to go pick mushrooms.  He has a license to drive a boat.

David Villa

– he comes from a family of miners, and his favorite meal is fabada (a good Asturian, no?)  He loves Play and padel.  His favorite group is El último de la fila, and since they separated, Manolo García.  He’s been married since 2003 and has two girls, Zaida and Olaya.

Fernando Torres

– on his left arm, he has tattooed his name in tengwar, the script from The Lord of the Rings.  He married his lifelong girlfriend Olalla in 2009 before two witnesses, and they have a daughter, Nora.


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  1. wahahaha!!! i can’t imagine llorente playing the clarinet…it seems so tiny in proportion to his massiveness :)

    and by the way, i want to thank you for the sheer VOLUME of info you have on this blog!! it’s nice to look back on the cup every once in a while. thanks!!

  2. I’d like to ride a boat and go pick mushroom with Xavi!!!
    I bet I’m in for a HUGE competition tho’ LOL

    this random facts is so sweet
    I love random facts and I love you for providing random facts about our beloved La Furia Roja boyz
    there’s no enough cookies in the world to give you to show how thankful I am for you and your blogs
    so THANK YOU! and here have some virtual cookies from me ;D

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