day 11 – ¡olé Navas!

June 3, 2010.

(title of post borrowed from today’s AS cover).

In terms of football, the Spain-South Korea game was not the most exciting one, and Spain only won by the barest of margins.  In terms of players, well, we were a bit more lucky.

One. Sergio made his debut as captain!  I can’t believe Sergio, at the age of 24, was the most capped player out there.  His arm is too yellow and red though, between the shirt, the armband and the wristband, and I don’t like how the stripes are all different widths and in all directions.  We need coordination!

Two. What a bench Spain has!  And thank you to the two Real Madrid players, Iker and Silva, for breaking up the Barça hegemony.  Oops, David Silva doesn’t belong to Madrid yet, but soon I hope!  (No offense, Valencia fans).

I love how Víctor has his uniform rolled up between his feet and David Silva has his shirt on his lap.  And Iker, it looks like, was saved from wearing the green last night.  If he had entered the game, he would have worn the same blue kit that he wore vs. Saudi Arabia.  I wonder if each player only had one set of uniforms in Austria?

Three. And a golazo from Jesús Navas!  Ok, this is football-related, but it was a really nice goal, so I just wanted to share it.  This was Navas’ first goal with La Roja, in his fifth game as an international.

Four. Speaking of Jesús, how small is he?  He’s tiny!

Five. Llorente and Javi Martínez wore their tight Adidas shirts.  When will this catch on with the other players?  I’m looking at you, Sergio.  I know you want to.  Although that might make whipping it up if you score a goal more difficult.

Six. Ironically, Víctor Valdés, in his debut, made a mistake quite similar to one that Iker made vs. Saudi Arabia.  But the important thing is, he debuted, and Spain won!

It’s also interesting that he and Iker both debuted on the same day, June 3, but 10 years apart, even though Víctor is only about half a year younger than Iker.

After the game, Valdés told TVE, “it’s an honor to wear the shirt of the national team and I’m happy to do so.”

Seven. Meanwhile, Raúl Albiol was quoted as saying, “we’ve been winning games in the last minute since 2008.  This is important because it means that the team is giving it their all until the last minute, and that our rivals are tiring more than we are.”

So does this also mean that Spain is NOT giving it their all in the first 89 minutes?  That could explain why they would end up in the situation of having to score in the last minute.

La selección flew back to Spain last night after the game in Innsbruck, and today will be an off day.  They’re expected back at Las Rozas at 13h on Saturday.


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