day 9 – the chase is on!

June 1, 2010.

Two more sessions for La Roja in Schruns yesterday.  From morning to afternoon, it appeared that all they did was chase each other around and jump on each other when they finally caught their targets.  Hopefully, no injuries will result from this horsing around!  Fernando Torres stayed in the hotel for the first session, as it was deemed too strenuous for him, though he joined the team for the afternoon session.

Víctor Valdés, David Villa and Javi Martínez talked to the press between the two training sessions, with Valdés defending Iker – calling his record impeccable – and saying he gets along with Pepe Reina.

Some more pictures that I liked from Tuesday, after the jump!

Is my love for the intersection of Real Madrid and the national team at all obvious?


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  1. where can i find a video of this training session
    btw thank you so much this blog rules

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