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RTVE has a series of nice videos called “fuera de juego,” which means offside in English, and here means footballers off the field.  As you all well know, that is my favorite subject!  It was also a chance for the players to write down a promise if Spain wins the World Cup.

The following players have videos:

– Puyol: meets his favorite group, Shuarma.  We get to see Carles hesitantly tap a drum, and find out that Shuarma’s  song “Te esperaré” is the one that has influenced him the most.  It motivates him, despite being a slow song, and he listens to it before matches because it reminds him of his father.  Video here.

– Navas (along with ex-internationals Palop and Negredo): learn to dance flamenco.  Navas is the best of the bunch, check out his posture at the 0:37 mark.  Video here.

– Mata, Villa, Marchena and Silva (and Pablo):  attend a spinning session, and learn to box.  Marchena and Pablo look like they’re about to fall asleep.  Silva is as cute as always (the 0:09-0:10 mark), and concerned about his hair.  Video here.

– Piqué and Biscuits Busquets: play basketball against several ex-Barça players.  The plaid-loving Piqué is described as “joven y guapo” (young and handsome) by one of them.  Iniesta and Puyol also try their luck, and Andrés also autographs a picture of himself with a lot of hair.  Video here.

–  Capdevila (with Senna, Cazorla and Diego López): visit a circus.  The best part is when all four of them have a snake draped over them (Marcos looks a bit terrified), although Cazorla spooking the reporter is a close second.  Along with Santi turning into a tiger.  Joan wears a tuxedo jacket and shirt (with jeans) as part of his role as co-master of ceremony.  Video here.

– the triple A team: play World Cup cards, although they also use the time to rag on each other.  Adorable!  Video here.

Keep reading for another video…

Bonus video of Del Bosque here.  He’s asked 10 questions, and these are the answers.  I love him (see question five), and wish he was still coaching Madrid.

1.  Which national team do you respect the most?  England, because they have a great coach and great players.

2.  Have you made any promise if Spain wins the World Cup?  No, none.  On July 12, we’ll go back to our normal routine and start preparing for Euro 2012.

3.  What do you like to do in your free time during the concentrations?  We’re completely focused on the games and the training sessions.

4.  Which player impressed you the most?  All of them.  All of them have my respect and admiration.

5.  Describe yourself in one word.  Normal.  (Asked to elaborate, he adds that he’s very passionate about his work and the sport).

6.  Which foreign player would you like to have on your team?  There are great players, but we’re happy with who we have.

7.  Which national team coach would you like to have a beer with?  With any of them but probably with those that I know better, such as Capello.

8.  For what reason or for which person would you shave off your mustache?  I can’t find a single reason!

9.  What will definitely be in the suitcase you take to South Africa?  My personal items.

10.  Who do you think will win the World Cup?  I hope we will.

And, as requested, a transcript of the triple A video.  This video was a bit hard to understand, so here is my best effort.  I especially had trouble understanding Albiol, so if anyone can correct anything or fill in the blanks, let me know!

– reporter: we get the three A’s together – Alonso, Albiol and Arbeloa along with a very special deck of cards.  The elegance of Arbeloa is the first thing they joke about.

– Albiol: look at how this guy dressed up for this interview.

– Arbeloa: I do him a favor by being his Playstation professor.  I don’t even charge him!

– Albiol: (something unintelligible).

– reporter: this could be a normal day in the life of the national team.  The group has always been like this.

– Alonso: there has always been a good atmosphere, and it will continue, even if we don’t win.

– reporter: we hope they continue winning.  Back to the cards: three kings that could be Spain’s rivals in the World Cup round of eight:  Drogba, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaká.  We assume that South Korea won’t qualify.

– Albiol: we’re missing Korea.

– reporter: do you fear Ronaldo?

– Arbeloa: I wouldn’t call it fear…

– Albiol: (something unintelligible).

– reporter: Xabi fears Kaká more.

– Alonso: he’s had the experience of being the champion, and that helps in important moments.  Because of that, I wouldn’t want to face Brazil.

– reporter: if Madrid fails to win any titles this year, will that affect the players when they play for Spain?

– Arbeloa: look at what happened to Togo, you just have to concentrate on the team, your teammates and the objective of winning the World Cup.

– reporter: how would you describe Xabi Alonso?

– Albiol: general.  General.

– Arbeloa:  yes, general, he’s dangerous.

– reporter: and Albiol?

– Alonso: whoever wants to know more about him can go to youtube and watch his videos.

– Albiol:  well, they’re not 100% “real.”

– reporter: but this selección is the real deal.


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  1. please can you give us some translations??? por favor…esp for the xabi, arbeloa, and albiol vid…

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