day 3 – more hugs, hairstyles and handsomeness

May 26, 2010.

Official photo

Day 3 saw the boys pose for their official photo at 10 in the morning.  Watch a funny video of them receiving directions on how to pose here.

Some notes on how the boys look:  Iker has bedhead, Iniesta has a glowing, white dome instead of a head (seriously, it’s even whiter than the coach’s jacket), Fernando’s hair is like a mini teepee, Sergio’s teeth are really white as well, Pedrito’s very small, Navas is aiming for a blue steel look, Llorente looks way too tall for the first row, and Silva wasn’t fully awake yet (or ready for his close-up).

And a random note:  I don’t like how spaced out the short names (Mata, Xavi) are on the backs of the jerseys.

Training sessions

It was followed by a morning training session, which gave way to an afternoon session.  The degree to which they have bonded was apparent.  Hugs all around!

Press conference

Cesc and his beard, Fernando and his brown hair and Silva and his bowl haircut spoke to the press.  I’m not the only one who noticed their changes in appearance, because they were actually asked during the press conference about it.

Q: Fernando and Cesc – your change in apperance… does it have to do with your injuries?  How will those affect the team?  Will you be ready to play?

A (Fernando):  We hope so, it’s true that in my case I’ve missed a lot of games, and I played about half as much as my teammates.  I should be more fit, but I’m recovering from an injury.  I’ve been training and training and I hope we will both recover.

A (Cesc): I didn’t want a repeat of what happened last year, when Piqué shaved my head.

I love this picture of Fernando!  He really does justice here to his nickname, el niño!

Surprise drug tests

The vampires, as the Spanish press call them, paid a surprise visit to Las Rozas yesterday for drug testing.  FIFA’s medical team tested eight players: Xavi, Albiol, Sergio Ramos, Pedro, Iniesta, Capdevila, Busquets and Javi Martínez.

Yay, I’m finally all caught up!!!


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  1. did any1 notice that cesc did his eyebrowes??

  2. Pique shaved Cesc’s head?? Ô.o lol when did that happen??

    • Last year, during the Confederations Cup. Piqué wanted to cut a bit of Cesc’ hair off but chose the wrong setting on the electric razor. Cesc said he had to shave it all off because it looked horrible.

  3. Ahhh that explains the “choto” hair he had then!! Lol…that is sweet!! ^^,

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