la roja odds and ends…

… as I madly try to catch up with the day-to-day of la selección!

One. Pedrito and Javi Martínez, the two newbies of the national team, were not expecting to receive call-ups.  Pedro had been preparing to take a trip outside of Spain during his vacation time, but the call-up made him and his parents extremely happy.  Javi was in a similar situation – he had been all set to go on a road trip up and down the west coast of the U.S. with four of his friends, and had gotten the news on a beach in Menorca, where he had been helping to send off Joseba Exteberría in style along with several of their teammates.

Two. Fernando Torres is now a comic book superhero named, what else, Supertorres!  He’s the first superhero of the Superdeportistas (super athletes) series that will try to win the World Cup, AND save the world at the same time.  In the story, Fernando Torres and the Emperor’s Consul, el niño and friends are about to be eaten by lions in the Coliseum of Rome when Fernando kicks a ball that he just happened to have (lucky, huh?) that distracts the lion, and thus earns the emperor’s favor.

One question:  how is he going to try to win the World Cup if he’s in ancient Rome?  Other comments:  I like the skintight outfit, and I wonder if the publisher has time to re-color his hair dark brown before the books are released, just to reflect the current situation?

Three. Cesc, Piqué and Iniesta are part of the epic Nike ad, “Write the Future.”  They only get a small cameo though.

Four. Did you know that Víctor Valdés is the player on the national team with the most minutes played this past season, with 4,830?  Carlos Marchena is the one that should be the most refreshed, as he only clocked 2,630.  Meanwhile, Xavi is the one that played the most games, with a total of 58 (51 for Barça and 7 for the national team).  Graphic courtesy of Marca.

Five. Vicente del Bosque has prohibited his players from using social networks during the World Cup, in order to have less distractions and cut off from the start any problems that may arise from inappropriate comments.  That means no Facebook, no Twitter, no Tuenti.  Puyol, Iniesta and Mata have accordingly sent their last tweets out.

Players are also prohibited from talking to the media during this time.  What will this mean for Iker and Sara’s relationship???  How will they manage to communicate?  It should be interesting…

Six. Here’s a picture of the locker room at Las Rozas.

Seven. Telecinco will be broadcasting the World Cup games in Spain, and they’ve produced an ad featuring some of our favorite players to promote that.  See one of them here.

Eight. Here’s the commercial to accompany the Cruzcampo ad that we saw earlier this month.

Nine. And another video: la selección will be the subject of Thursday’s Informe Robinson, and we get a little preview here.  I can’t wait to see Michael Robinson follow our favorite players around!  What we can expect to see: the Davids under the (literal) spotlight, Sergio and his green pants packing for the trip (he brings along his Indiana Jones brown leather jacket, and lots of CDs, I guess ’cause he’ll be in charge of the music again?), Xabi and Arbeloa as coaches, Torres watching himself score against Germany, and Piqué answering questions.

Ten. Carles Puyol created his own line of watches (called CP5 – footballers are so original, no?) back in 2008, and has apparently designed a special edition in the colors of Spain for his teammates, as well as in the colors of Portugal, Italy, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.  The price?  €169, and the watches are limited edition too!

Eleven. I couldn’t resist posting this cute photo of Pepe Reina and daughter.  How adorable is Alma trying to either get her father’s attention, or read his text?

Twelve. Not really La Roja related, but it affects the eyes of all humanity:  Diego Maradona has promised to run around naked in Buenos Aires if Argentina wins the World Cup.  I wasn’t rooting for Argentina, but this is reason enough to totally go against them.  And in pure Maradona style, he said his players are allowed to have sex during the concentration, as long as they don’t use any sexual enhancers or have sex with unknown persons.  The players are also allowed asados, wine and desserts, as long as it’s in moderation.


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